What can I do for sciatica pain while pregnant?

Does anyone have any tips and tricks besides Tylenol and heat for sciatica during pregnancy? (Right side only) Any thing will help even it’s it’s a stretch position that seemed to work better. Currently 17 weeks and it’s to the point where walking and sitting is painful.


I feel your pain and I’m sorry you’re going thru this. Try alternating ice and heat (20 min heat, 20 min off, 20 min ice). Some stretches that may help:

  1. from all 4s, pull your right foot forward and bend towards your left at a 45 degree angle and sit back as far as you can
  2. lay on your right side and pull your knee up towards your chest as far as you can

I had that problem from 16 weeks to 36 weeks when I had my son only right side also I used belly tape it helped a little but it’s something that don’t go away n stay away

Physical therapy for sure!

The cat cow stretches worked for me I had it bad

If you can get someone to apply pressure with a message on your lower back while you are in doggy position it’ll help immediately. You can also do a side to side movement with your lower body. You lay on your back put your legs straight up and Together then you hold them together while dropping them from left to right like a windshield wiper. You can do hip flexible where you sumo squat and stretch out your hip flexers you come all the way down when doing this so have something to grab near you if your trying it. I would Google hip flexer mobility type stretches to get a full picture of what it should look like. I too suffered from this and everytime I told someone they looked at me like I was crazy.

Lots of stretches the tennis ball trick DOES WONDERS!

Many years ago I had the same problem. I used a 8-10 wide elastic belt that held baby up away from sciatic nerve. Worked great for me.

I had it for 6 years and what got rid of it was getting massage weekly…

See a chiropractor or reflexologist

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Put a tennis ball on the floor and lay on top of it so it’s sitting right on the nerve. I know it sounds super weird but my third baby was sitting right on my nerve and this worked wonders for me! Hope it works for you too🫶🏽

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Still suffering with my nearly 3 years now my boy is 3 in January next year nothing works

You are asking the wrong place , ask you doctor.

Prayers for you Amene! Be sure to thank Jesus for your healing & deleverance. Amene

Call your doctor they may advise physical therapy I was in it for my sciatica while I was pregnant also if you can my physical therapist said to have someone massage where the sciatic nerve was helped alot

Stretches…talk to your Dr as well

Currently 31 weeks prego with the exact same right sided sciatica pain… I can’t afford weekly massages but I do go once a month but the thing that helps the most is my chiropractor!! She’s NOT just a snap crackle pop, she does myofascial releases around my nerve and hip area. I can tell almost instantly the relief it gives me.
And shoes!!! Find some supportive tennis shoes … I literally live in mine: cooking, cleaning, running errands … whatever it is, I can tell a huge difference with the support vs my sandals etc.

Remember Tylenol is not an anti inflammatory so it will pretty much be useless. You’re not supposed to take Advil while pregnant, so I took these over the counter natural anti-inflammatory pills made of herbs and it really worked well. I also did a lot of stretches.

Talk to your doctor. Also look into a sciatic nerve compression brace. Back massages may help too.

This stretch saved me!!

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Does the pain go all the way down to your toes, or stop around the knee ?
Hi! A massage therapy student, and a few stretches can help the muscles of your butt/back of the leg to help with pain ! :heart:

Physical therapy… Be careful and talk with your doctor because sometimes it’s not just sciatica. My doctor’s thought that was happening to me but my back actually broke while I was pregnant with my twins. It was the worst pain EVER… See your doctor and talk with them

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