What can I do for tonsilitis?

Not mom related but has anyone else ever had to deal with tonsillitis? It hurts so bad on my left side and it’s making me have chills. Does anyone know any home remedies that can help the swelling ?

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Just something to consider tonsil stones and acid reflux or silent reflux can cause sore throat and tonsils when ever my acid reflux flares up my left tonsil hurts and swells up and takes weeks to calm down took drs years to figure it out finally and ENT knew exactly what it was

Gargling with warm salt water. It has to be warm to dissolve the salt.

Make arrangements with your dr to get them taken out!!!

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Popsicles, freeze pops, ice chips- gets the swelling down. Get checked for strep throat! You may need an antibiotic.

Have I ce lollies lots of fluids