What can I do to help my son with ADHD?

Question for the momma’s with children that have ADHD. My son was officially diagnosed today with it. I opted out of medication for it at this time and told doctor we’d reevaluate in a couple months. So far I’ve gotten an appointment with a therapist and an appointment made with Occupational therapy. What else is there that I can do to help him? I can’t help but think I made the wrong choice by not starting with the medicine. I just really don’t want him to feel like he has to rely on medicine to help him.

Behavioural therapis restrict in intake of sugar ect

Watch giving him red dyes. Also chillax gummies helps my daughter and nephew. They are a vitamin.

Watch caffeine intake, no red dye at all. You can choose a non habit forming medication. My son takes a non-narcotic for his ADHD and it’s made the biggest difference in him.

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You can try cutting out artificial dye. I would also say you might giving caffiene a try and see if that helps since it’s a stimulant (I went undiagnosed for years because I self medicated with caffiene).

I am going to add a couple thoughts about the medication: 1) There is a stignma around medication particuarly when it comes to ADHD…but do you have the same stance about medications for anxiety or depression? It’s something to think about especially since stimulant medications aren’t the only option. 2) They may not always be necessary. My son has gone down on his ADHD meds because as he’s gotten older he’s gained more natural control. We’ve considered givng him larger med breaks but he prefers to take them (and at 11 I give him a say)

I’m sayin this not because I think you should medicate your child, but because I’ve been there and the stigma around ADHD medication and what others may think is probably the hardest thing to get over.


Watch his dye intake. I gave my daughter some caffeine in the morning. Caffeine actually slows someone down that has ADHD

As someone who lived with undiagnosed ADHD for most of his life and only in the last 2 years finally got diagnosed and medicated: please put him on his correct meds. My life has been improved 100% since finally receiving correct medication. Caffeine is not a substitute for ADHD meds.

ADHD people do not produce the correct chemicals in our brains. Our brains no likie making the happy chemicals. This isn’t something you can change by diets or excercise (believe me I’ve spent 20 years trying) or therapy alone. Your child needs medication AND a healthy lifestyle/therapy.

How old is he? Definitely involve his teachers! School setting maybe the hardest for him to manage… inattention, extra energy, You can bet he won’t be the only one.

Healthy food, no food dyes, forest walks, cannabis is better than meds. Routine and good discipline