What can I do to help my toddler with mosquito bites?

Question my two and a half year old gets the worse mosquito bites any tops on repellant for a toddler? Also Any remedies for the itching I use hydrocortisone cream but it doesn’t last that long Thank you


Try putting/rubbing minty toothpaste on your toddlers mosquito bites before bed. I do that for mine because I get so itchy and swell and it works well for me… I wake up the next day and they don’t itch.

I usually do calamine lotion and put baby powder on top while it’s still wet.


Avon skin so soft oil spray. There’s no chemicals and it works amazingly well!


I use the body fantasies vanilla body spray from walgreens or walmart. The bugs are so bad around here and it works better then bug spray.

Skin so soft from Avon and body fantasies to repel the bugs calamine lotion to help prevent itching

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For the itching just rub deodorant over the bite. It sounds weird but works great also good for ant bites

Mosquitos don’t care for almond oil…

Believe it or not when I was younger my dad used to put clear nail polish over them It stopped them from itching and it stopped me from scarring from scratching them

I have heard of putting peppermint essential oils in a spray bottle with water a spray the kiddo down I have not tried yet but plan on it

Neem oil, natural n very effective …coming from a mommy who has moved to Africa😊

The bug bite thing! You can order it off amazon for like 10 bucks. It is amazing! I’m in Florida and our mosquitoes are like prehistoric dinosaurs​:woman_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

My daughter has bad reactions to the bites. The dr said to mix equal parts of benadryl and hemorrhoidal cream. The next day they are gone.

Lavender, eucalyptus, and/or tea tree oil and to soothe bites afterbite cream or make a baking soda paste.

Spray listerine anywhere the kids will be playing and the mosquitoes will stay away like its the plague

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Avon they also have spray to relieve the skin. I use Avon mosquito spray on my son cause he can’t even step outside without getting ate up.

There is spray benadryl which can be helpful. When she first starts to scratch tell her to use hand sanitizer instead of scratching. Generally if she does this every time it itches after a few times it will quit bothering her.

Avon skin so soft. You can use it for little ones as young as 6 months old and they also make it as sun screen/bug spray as well.

I had such bad reaction when I was little I’d get a steroid shot from doctor

Also, I second Avon skin so soft

Nuby makes little clip on mosquito repellents. They’re awesome!!! I just clip one to the back of his shirt and he hasn’t had a bite yet!

Johnson and Johnson baby cream oil (green bottle)

Chlorine pool! I have delt with this my entire life. Buy chlorine at walmart put some in bath water(if you dont have access to a pool) and let them play for a while other than that benadryl for the itch. And I have yet to find a spray to repel them. I’ve used Avon and everything on the shelves at Walmart

Avon original skin so soft.

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Apple cider vinegar works great for after bite

Avon skin so soft the lotion works really well to repel mosquitoes.

Try putting some garlic in there food it really works.

Avon sells skin so soft bug spray best I have ever found

Benadryl cream or baking soda past u mix it with water to get a past put it on let it dry and flake off

Babyganics bug repellent. My kid has bad eczema and it’s gentle on her skin. California baby natural bug repellent as well.

Benadryl kids cooling gel works for after the bite.

Take a dab of lavender oil and put it on the bites. My son gets welts from the bites and doing this brings down the swelling and redness within 20 minutes.

We use calamine lotion for the itching

Nail polish on the bite

After Bite works wonders…it does sting a bit for the first couple seconds but the bite disappears within a day or so

Benadryl spray or cream ! My son is very very sensitive where his bug bites get huge .

We had to long sleeves and pants all summer with the kids, nothing helped

This worked for my kids not for me though. To keep them from biting.

My mother always put us in a warm bath with baking soda to draw out the bug bites and make them less itchy

My son gets welts with bites pretty sure he is allergic but haven’t had too much of an issue yet thankfully

I know it may sound silly but ive been told and have used perphertion h its for itching and it works

Calamine or caladril lotion can it on with a cotton ball it does help with itch. An oatmeal bath might also help put long cooking oatmeal in a sock then have it so when bath water is running sock is under the flow of water.

Try avon skin so soft spray oil keeps them away just spray your son they won’t come near x

I always put witch hazel on them and wait for it to dry and put neosporin on it. It usually clears them up in a few days of doing that two or three times a day

Believe it or not, roll on deodorant works great!! At least it did for my daughter. Doesn’t matter what brand.

Deep woods off, spray thier cloths. Best anti itch stuff i have used is the benadryl cream. BUT icing it works for a short while. Also witch hazel it stinks but it works.

For the after bite use liquid abesol dip a q-tip into it and rub on the bites. Stops itching immediately and the inflammation disappears within a couple of hours

I am in the same boat as your daughter. I found big repellant stickers on Amazon. You just put it on their clothes. Also, little weird, but CBD Cream helps the itch, and healing.

I used Blistex on my children’s mosquito bites and it works! Use the jel kinda not the balm.!:pray:

Vapor rub, I use it on my kids for ant and mosquito bites. Works well for them.

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try putting tooth paste on the bites to stop itching yep witch hazel, great for sunburns also. Just put some on a paper towel and lay it on bites. and make sure you spray him with off before he goes out

There is a Benadryl spray too that works good

How bout bug spray…to avoid them!

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Vitamin b12. It sours the blood and makes you less attractive to mosquitoes

Your local health food store should have some natural spray.

It may sound weird, but if they already have the bite, put liquid meat tenderizer on it. What they inject when they bite is protein based and will break down quicker.

Avon skin so soft helps keep them away.

Avon Skin so soft if you can get it. It’s an oil you use instead of lotion.


Avon sells Skin So Soft

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Us skin so soft by avon they have it in oil and lotion oil is better

Chiggerex for itching works really well.

Preparation H takes the itch away

Absorbine Jr. on the bite

Planting certain plants will help combat the problem. Lavender, marigolds, citronella grass, rosemary, basil, bee balm, geranium, mint, allium, & sage are all repellents.

2 year old and a 4 year old welps up fast and about the size of a quarter. Put this on as soon as it bites and it never Welps.
Ant bites…pimples…the faster you get it on there. The faster the pain and swelling is gone.
And it’s all natural. Meaning if you don’t catch it fast, put it on the bites several times. As soon as it dries, do it again. I have 3 bottles in my house. Never run out. And always in my pocket while watching the kids play outside.

I use lavender:)

I’ve seen something new this year called “the bug bite thing” I’ve never tried it but according to reviews it helps.

Johnson and Johnson baby oil lotion (green container) works great on soothing bites. I also put it on before repellent and it seems to help.

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Use the stickers… They 100% work. Depending on blood type since mosquitoes are more attracted to some over others, you’ll have to use more than one sticker but they work great… Or you can look up essential oils and what bugs hate what scent… Most hate eucalyptus so applying that to babys clothes may help. I know the Johnson and Johnson baby oil lotion works great too. The bracelets do not work if you have type O like me and my kids.

We use little alcohol pads and my girls rub it on their bites.

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I soak a cotton pad with witch hazel and apply over the bite for at least 30 seconds, longer is better, and I keep them in a little ziplock baggie. Doesn’t last forever, but works much better than hydrocortisone cream

I use the equate aloe vera and vitamin e creamy baby oil and it works great on mosquito bites, repelling mosquitoes, and helping sunburns as well

For itching baking soda and water make a paste works well but a mess

We use the repellent bracelets, so use to use and seem go do the beat for our little one, she gets really bad bites.

My granddaughter does that I use Benadryl cream helps alot

Also skin so soft from Avon keeps the mosquitoes away!

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I was told toothpaste stops the itching!

Ask your pediatrician about Benadryl

I swear by this!! It is amazing stuff.

They sell these things they are coiled silicone bracelets my son and I are highly allergic to deet so we wear these and man they work great.

Rub deodorant on the bites

Try peppermint oil in water as a spray.

Vicks Capo rub helps with the itching

I know this sounds crazy but use old spice deodorant on the bites, I swear to you this will work

Thermacel makes a product that keeps mosquitoes away for 15 feet (I think)

Thermacell MR300F Portable Mosquito Repellent (Black) with Camo Holster; Ultimate Mosquito Repellent System; Invisible, Effective Mosquito Defense; No Scent, DEET-Free, Won’t Ruin Your Gear https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KSKJMJ5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YkT4EbB69XATZ

chiggerex plus stops itching

foe irchying calamine lotion

Avon bug guard. No deet. Great for kids. We also have a disappearing formula with SPF 50. You can order on my website

PM me with any questions.

I get massive weltz from the bites ive tried everything nothing seems to work other the globing some gold bond ezma cream on it soothes it and then its gone im not sure it should be safe for children theres nothing toxic in it i have very sentive skin i hope this helps

Rubbing alcohol and peppermint extract. And water and meat tenderizer (make a paste) for bug bites. I used to always get ate up