What can I do to make my kids feel better?

The flu has hit our house and we are all miserable…what are some things I can do for my kids to make them feel a little better? Best ways to disinfect everything?

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Just be there for them. Lots of Popsicles and fluids. We had colds then covid then the flu. The flu by far was the worst I’ve had a lot of viruses and sinus infections in my lifetime, but nothing was as bad as this flu I’ve never experienced anything like it. I had a headache and all the lymph nodes from my chin down to the bottom of my neck were swollen. The pain was excruciating. So I know with me rest and fluids were the best course of treatment.

Use a sanitizing hot rinse in the dishwasher & throw in your toothbrushes. Try to bring in some fresh air if possible. Wash hands with soap and water often; use hand sanitizer if that’s not possible. Wear masks as much as possible to avoid reinfecting each other.

Keep windows cracked, humidifiers, raw honey and elderberry

Oh, and get flu shots as soon as you’re better and every year from now on. You can still get the flu, but the chances are much reduced and the illness will be milder. Take your vitamins. If you’re stuffy headed, cut dairy for a while.