What can I do to reward a potty training 21 month old?

Does potty training treat ideas for a 21-month-old? Besides stickers. I was thinking mini m&M’s but wasn’t sure if it would be a choking hazard or not. Thanks in advance!


I used gummy bears, or fruit snacks. I bought sugar free when possible.

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Use their favorite candy or drink or have a small box of $1 toys n let them pick one when they use the bathroom.

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If they eat solid food M&Ms shouldnt be an issue

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Make a little treasure box. Put stickers, tattoos, little toys(that he won’t choke), stamps, little coloring books, etc.

Throw cherrios or m&m into the potty and tell them to aim at itm the acid in the urine well deterate the color and change the pee colors lol… Or if they understand what potty means for pee time tell them to go have fun and pee on a tire or the tree they think it’s fun and they’ll catch on cause they think it’s fun for peeing in a tree lol… For a bit anyways, I have a boy and that my routine, so for a girl I’m not sure

My sisternlaw would use m&ms for when they went but just 2

A treat they don’t usually get
A reward style chart where at the end they get their desired gift.

I did a star board and every time my son would go he would get to choose a color star and put it on himself. I also got him some toy story undies which made him more excited to use them.

We give a single regular m&m and my 22 month old dose fine with those.

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I used cheap matchbox cars for my son. Worked wonders

Just mini marshmallows. I kept a jar in each bathroom. She got one for trying and two for going. It quickly became valuable currency.

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Prize box with dollar tree stuff

We used hot wheel cars and cycled through them :rofl: never noticed either because there were someone different ones!

I give my 15 month old either mini rice Krispy treats or pieces of popcorn.

We did M&m over Halloween 2

My daughter gets m&ms and dum dum suckers we just watch her while she eats then

Just make a big deal out of it be happy and excited, best reward is big kid panties/underwear. After they use the potty let them wear the big kid undies. If they go all day accident free then give them a treat, all week a bigger treat, the treat can be their favorite meal, a special dessert, or they get to pick the tv shows for an hour during family time.

Little girls maybe washable nail polish the more you wash your hands the quicker it comes off and then you can reapply it

Smarties. Buy a pack from the dollar store and put them in a little jar. You can also do dollar store toys like hot wheels if they do like 10 pees and poops.

My son was having a hard time potty training so we bought him his favorite toys at the time. So he got each toy story characters. If he filled out a 24 sticker chart. :relaxed:

I’m the odd one out i see. I never reward for life skills. Potty training is one of them. If they are not ready, they are not ready . There is a lot that goes on with potty training. Try a again in a month.

Have a bag of marshmallows, mini m&ms and mixture of chocolate chips :+1:t2:

Pez worked for my girls. I let them choose their own dispenser and I let them have 1 for pee and 2 for poop.

M&m’s! My youngest called them “vitamins” lol. It was the only reward that worked for us. We tried other things, but m&m’s worked liked a charm!

i did a toy with my girls a small toy at least my younger one

The mini M&M’s are fantastic! My son is 18 months old, and nowhere near potty training yet, but to get him ready for that, I’ve been getting him used to and loving the smaller M&Ms. he does really well with them, and they seem to melt faster than the bigger ones do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i usually give him a a few as a treat when he does something awesome, and he’ll sort them by color too!

Have two boys: one potty trained by 18mos we song and danced. The other about 20 mos and we did m&ms. Find what means something to your child. For me one like the praise and one food.

Chocolate chips for baking.

Use tootsie rolls or smarties!

A piggy bank to fill up give coins everytime they go potty u pick the amount of coins for pee and poop it’s helping my baby

“Your a big boy or girl now” with hugs

My son is 26 months and loves mini m&m’s we started giving them to him when his molars came in. Haven’t had one issue :blush:

Fruit snacks are good. We bought a box of assorted small “prize” toys from Amazon. It helped with potty training and also behavior rewards for my older littles

I gave 1 M&M per pee and 2 M&M’s per poo to my oldest for potty training. She was 1.5-2 years old at the time. I have M&M dispensers, she soon figured out how they worked and started rewarding herself… So when they ran out of M&M’s that was the end of rewarding and she’s been good ever since.

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Trust me a 21 mo old knows how to eat m& ms

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My pediatrician said “don’t reward with food—it can cause them to over eat later in life”

Look…I need my boys potty trained. I don’t think a damn m&ms or a fruit snack is going to make a difference :rofl: I am tired of buying diapers !

Could always do a piece of dried fruit if baby likes that? I know dehydrated strawberries are good and easy to dissolve!

You can get a sticker reward sheet made up I would put it up near the potty or like my kids always used the big toliet and bye some great sparkly stickers then at the end of the week a would get a suprise

Currently potty training my 18month old. for the first week if he went poop on the potty I gave him a hot wheels car. And did m&ms for the first 2 weeks for peeing. Now he gets nothing but me clapping.

I used to work with kids and we used suckers. A few sucks when they try, and if they go they get longer to suck it. Otherwise books if they like books? You could buy Hershey chocolate and break up into small pieces I think that’s soft enough at that age they wouldn’t as easily choke as on an m&m if your worried they can’t chew those yet!

I used mini m&ms since my boy was like 19 months old

Whatever they fancy but INSTANT gratification is the key!!!

Treats depend on your child what they can eat and what they life, My youngest daughter is 2 and we use regular m & ms in little mason jars split up into the colours so she can pick what colour reward she wants each time. With her older sister is was potty pops (lollipops lol) I have 6 kids and typically just used whatever their favourite treat was but kept it only for potty going and didn’t give it at any other time.

I would just praise my kids, give lots of kisses and huggies, clap and be all excited. Also would praise them to other family members. Feeling proud of themselves was enough for my kids.


I did m&ms two or three each time :blush:

Say good job and move on.


I did jelly beans, lots of praise and hugs. I also went to the store with her so she could pick out whatever undies she wants( so she doesn’t want to mess in them), she has cars and spiderman ones.

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I had one that got marichino cherries, one did m&ms and I e did jelly beans lol

I do did my children treats

I did not give my children treats.

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When my oldest son was in the hospital for brain surgery, my mom and grama helped potty train my youngest last year at the age of 3. They used those mini Hershey’s and mini lollipops.

Freckles!!! I would give all my 3 girls 1 chocolate for a wee and 2 chocolate for a poo. Work wonders we had our girls all trained within a week. Best of luck.

My daughted did stickers but candy can work too. We decided against sweets. But a m&m should be fine. Just avoid larger hard candies as those can be a choking hazard.

We did “potty beans” which were jelly beans then switched to butterscotch chocolate chips lol :woman_shrugging:

We used a sticker chart that my girls got to put the stickers on and had a huge potty party. Lots of singing before flushing. No candies were needed. Both girls also loved picking out new panties.

you need a dance routine and a catchy song to sing. the kid has to be able to participate and congratulate himself in it all.

Maybe Use a reward jar, token in jar and lots of cheer and praise give treat after getting 5/10 tokens. They do pee alot so a treat after each pee could run into alot of sweets throughout day and send them into a sugar hype. Goodluck

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All 4 of mine, plus 2 others I raised for a few years and potty trained all did great just off of praise. Toddlers are always being told no, don’t touch, don’t do that, etc, so to praise them and make them feel good about something is usually enough of a reward :slight_smile:

Mom of 3 here and lots of nieces and nephews. As well as preschool teacher many years ago. Never ever underestimate the power of “The Happy Dance.” Especially for a 21 month old. Make up a dance and some really catchy words. The excitement in such a situation is contagious and your child will not only think you’re genius, it will make this milestone so memorable. More than likely, for you. But let’s face it…these are the moments that are worth the memory. Looks like you have some great suggestions so I can’t wait to see what your little one goes with. Good luck to both of you. My oldest daughter potty trained at 21 months and she did very well.

Singing a song, clapping. Making a big deal of it. Children aren’t puppies, so I personally avoid food as a reward.

Chocolate chips in the baking section. I told her they were mini kisses

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No shame in our chocolate for chocolate game over here :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: they potty trained so quick it’s there only sweet treat!!

Your mama not use we cant say if your child would choke on mini m&ms only you can. My daughter could get them fine at that age. That’s actually what I used.

I use marshmallows the little ones and my LO is 20mths

We do a potty dance after lol :rofl::heart::blush: with high fives

We had a sticker chart. I don’t know why but to my kids stickers were gold.

I’d stick to stickers personally bc then afterwards once my daughter got the hang of it she expected it. Took me a while to forget about stickers rewards. And if you do sweets I think it’d be even harder to get them to just see potty time as a norm and not expect a treat. But do whatever you feel would work best for your babies momma(: GO LUCK!! :pray:t2:I know I needed it when I was training her hahaha

I put small boxes of crayons, matchbox cars, yo-yo’s, little plastic animals, dinosaurs, and party favors in a small fish bowl. When he went potty, he got to choose from the bowl. Worked like a dream!

What worked for us is temp tattoos they get to pick the type and one for pee two for poo and they become a walking poster board and are so proud … and can easily be cleaned off :raised_hands:

I had triplets. And used stickers chart. Plus they wanted to go to big kid school. Told them they had to pee and poop in potty first. They where potty trained by 3.

Love this idea! This saves their teeth. LOL

Mini ones melt pretty quickly so they should be ok just watch them. You should also try sixletes or even mini cookies. Walmart sells them in those little to go cups for like $1

I used fruit gummies my son loved them! He got 2 peices for pee and a whole pack for pooping. Turned 2 never used pullups and would rather underwear even with the occasional accident that he helps clean up.

I put up a piece of giant paper and drew a scene on it and then let them put a sticker on it every time they went. Then they can see their rewards even after. I dont believe in food as a reward as I think it creates an unhealthy relationship with food. Good luck. It takes consistency and dedication with set backs and frustration. I also make them wear underwear so they pee themselves, then clean them up after a few minutes and pretty soon they don’t want to pee their pants.

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I did a cookie for at least sitting on the potty and piece of candy for actually going #1 but 2 pieces of candy for going #2

Lots of praises,cheers and love every time

My daughter Tiffany trained my grandson the Cheerios in the toilet to pee poo poo part was the hardest what’s he did it we threw a party at cake he was excited I show you the picture but I’m not allowed to LOL