What can I expect about baby being born with a cleft lip?

I just found out my baby has a cleft lip and I am so sad about it…what can I expect after baby is born?


Yup, common surgery to correct it. I believe actors Stacy Keach & Joaquin Phoenix were born that way. Don’t stress, baby will be fine.

Very surgically fixed. I had a cleft pallet. This was back in the 50s so I know it can bd fixed with modern technology. Talk to your pediatrician.

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My cousin’s son was born with it, got it fixed a couple months later and everything went great. He’s 5 now and is perfect.

There’s a surgery that can be fixed. Your baby will be fine.

You may have to use a special bottle for feeding and/or get help from the lactation consultant’s at the hospital to teach you how to make sure your baby has a good seal and latch around the breast. I remember a friend telling me she felt strong emotions when she saw her baby’s cleft for the first time. The baby got surgery and got it fixed at a young age.