What can I expect on my first breastfeeding let down?

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Mine were mildly painful/kind of a dull ache along with the tingling sensation others described. Just know that the letdowns don’t happen until your milk comes in which takes a couple days after birth. Oh! And don’t be afraid to lean on your support system. Breastfeeding is not easy so when it’s most challenging, it helps to have someone in your corner. Good luck and you got this!

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Like a filling kind of painful stretching feeling. Only for a few seconds though.

Feels like a tingle sensation…as if u put a 9volt battery on your tongue…that same tingling sensation…weird way to describe it but everyone agrees that’s the feeling


I always thought it felt like needles, to me at least… side note its a really powerful surge that can catch baby off guard lol


Tingles, feels like when your foot falls asleep, and than filling, can be painful sometimes

I didn’t feel anything other them a warm tingling sensation

Most likely, youll feel it. Wear nursing pads before it happens. Also wear them during the night you less you want to wake in a puddle.

Mine felt like pins and needles under my arm pits lol


It’s different for everyone and, frankly, each child. I leaked a ton with my first child and not at all with the second, and I was a cow both times.

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Do not wear any wired bras , or anything tight on your girls mastitis is a B !

I never felt any pain

Might sting. Like tiny shards of glass…

Tingling pressure and then engorgement

Just make sure you’re wearing pads!!

A dull descending ache as the milk comes down. It’s a nice warning when you are out because you can cover up quickly if you are unable to wear nursing pads. I tried compression when I felt the ache and I couldn’t nurse right away.

I didnt feel any pain or tingling, mine just felt like a deep sigh of relief. Unfortunately followed by intense sadness because I had D-MER :unamused:

a disappointed baby?