What can I get my MIL to show he rI appreciate her?

My mother in law has been filling in as “dad” and helping us out tremendously all week because my husband was out of town and I work. Any ideas to say thank you? We don’t have a whole lot of extra money right now, but I definitely want her to know she’s appreciated.


Simply fix her a nice little dinner or so her nails! Crafts from the kids are always so extremely special. And remember, she loves you very much or she wouldn’t be helping so much! You make her feel important and needed. Moms love that stuff!!!

Make her something! You can a lot of food boxes you’d throw away (cut them up, use inside as a canvas) & paint. Stamp their hands, have them draw or paint a picture. Frame it with stacked strips of cardboard or popsicle sticks or stickers.

Get some pictures printed & make her a photo book. (Cut the box glue the decorated sides together, glue a picture on both sides, punch holes & fasen together using shower curtain rods or key rings. Both can be found at the dollar tree).

Make her a bouquet of flowers using colorful boxes.

Anything that she can look at & remember her grandbabies were little once.

Handwritten letter letting her know.

Whatever she collects or she didn’t do her hobbies

Girls night when the kids are in bed. Chic, flick, face masks and a nice dinner

Nice dinner out or homemade with some flowers and some crafts from the kiddos. If they’re small you can do their feet or hand prints and a card/note from you expressing the appreciation💕

Cook a nice dinner for her

Make up a spa basket with items from Dollar Tree. Actually could do any type of basket that she would enjoy.

Gift card for spa day or hair and nails

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Be sure you tell her, face to face or in a card, but also maybe a massage.

Make her a cake and get her a thank you card.