What can I give a gassy baby?

Has anyone had a gassy baby, and gentle ease did not help. Has anyone used Gerber soothe?


I gave my son this gripe water, it helped him a lot. Can be found at Walmart


gripe water! if baby requires 5ml dose, I usually put it right in with the bottle!


Your baby might have a food allergy maybe even lactose intolerant, it is best to seek medical advice from a doctor.

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My son was really gassy and they changed him to soothe when he was a couple weeks old. It helped some but gas drops also helped a ton. He had to have gas drops every 2-3 hours along with his bottle.

Put a peppermint in his water bottle


Gas drops and gripe water. Gas drops worked instantly

Gerber Good Start Soothe (purple container) helped my son a lot. Or the Orange parents choice container. I found it had less iron that’s what was making him gassy and constipated

Change formula to soy! Lifesaver

I had a lot of trouble with Gerber so I switched to Similac Pure Bliss and it has done very well with my kid’s. I also use gripe water and when my baby starts getting constipated I use zarbys baby probiotic drops.

This was the only thing that helped my babies.

Gripe water. Works wonders

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Chamomile tea. Ask your dr first.

Gripe water works great for gassy babies

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Pepper mint water take a peppermints put them in the a four oz bottle shake well. Swear by it desolves as baby soothes

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Mylicon drops, it’s what we use at the hospital.


Could have a lactose allergy. I’d try changing to soy Instead of buying products you dont need (babies can get dependent on them).
Call the Pediatrician to see what you can do. Tummy time is really good for gassy babies. Same with moving their legs like a bicycle on their backs.
Definitely call the Doctor to see what they say.

I gave my daughter gripe water and it worked

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Run your hand with some light pressure over his stomach ( where his intestines are) in a zig zag like motion. Do this for five minute intervals
Also moving his legs like he is riding a bike, putting some pressure on his stomach, and occasionally pushing his knees to his belly can help also.
Both while he is on his back.
Tummy time can also help with gas.

Gas drops for sure and I agree I had to switch my oldest to soy and it was amazing for him

We use Gerber soothe. 2nd baby on it. Definitely a wonderful formula. It has probiotics in it. Also we use gas drops and gripe water on occasion.

I used Similac Sensitive formula for my very very gassy baby and it worked wonders. Still had gas obviously, but made a huge difference in the amount/frequency of it.

Similac total comfort, gripe water, mylicon and probiotic drops

What bottles are you using? Could be to much air. Dr Browns are great.

Gas drops? I feel like gas is just a very normal thing for babies

Burp him alot. Like constantly. Peppermint water. Gripe water. My grandson has GERD. So I understand. Hang in there mama

Simithicone drops. Mylicon I think is the name. Life savers!!!

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Mylicon drops… They worked really good when my kids were babies.

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Some latino families use nestum … It helped out great with my kids

Gripe water is amazing! It’s all natural ingredients to.

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Pepsi-Cola it make you burp does kids to. I had 5 kids done it with each of them


Enfamil reguline. Mine also has pooping problems.

Milicon drops. Safe enough to give BEFORE every feeding.
Won’t leave the hospital without em​:joy::100::weary::woman_facepalming:t4::crossed_fingers:t5::bangbang:


We used it, it worked wonders. We loved it.

Colic calm!! It was a lifesaver for us and works instantly. We used Mylicon drops in every bottle but if he was struggling we would use the colic calm

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We just changed to nutrigamen formula, I also use mylicon and I’ve used colic calm in the past !

I wouldn’t switch formulas too many times that can be really hard on the baby. Try gas drops and gripe water. Make sure to burp very well.