What can I give my 1 year old for a cold?

My 1 year old has a cold, i tried everything but still has a lot of mucus and phlem any recomendations as of what to give her ?


Zarbees. And nose frida, saline.

Rubbing baby vicks on her chest and bottoms of her feet might help with the mucus. I hope she feels better

Unfortunately there is no medicine.
Get a cool mist humidifier. Some saline and a nose bulb. Run a warm/hot shower and close all the doors and windows and just sit in the bathroom. Trust me, I know you want nothing more than your child to feel better but something need to run course.

Be careful of these all natural OTC medications they aren’t always FDA approved. Also be weary of allergic reactions in small children. My daughter had an allergic reaction because Zarbees uses Ivy leaf extract. it was terrifying watching her tearing up and eyes swelling shut, so if you give a new medicine always have benadryl on hand and know the proper dosing


Go to Cvs and get this! It’s a miracle worker!!! Natural and ok for a one year old! I used this for about 3 days and it really did work. It’s about $8 I think

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Humidifier baby vicks on chest and bottom of feet with socks zarbees and nose frida are my go to

Nose Sucker…Kids Vicks cherry rub on neck n chest…humidifier u can put Vicks on it also…water

Vicks vapor rub on bottoms of feet and then put socks on.

Before doing any over the counter meds I would call and make sure and what dosage to give them… can’t trust nothing these days

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Milk/formula increases phlem, substitute water for daytime drinks

Humidifier, saline, Zarbees chest rub is always my go too♥️

Nose frida is a miracle worker when it comes to colds. Will clear them up most the night!!


Cool mist humidifier works wonders for my boys when they have colds

This stuff works great!! You can check with your child’s doctor of course! But this stuff really helped my daughter.

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Humidifier, childrens mucinex.

Vicks, and put a vabor riser on her, sounds like she needs the doctor.

I take my LO in the steamy bathroom and use a massager on her back to break up the mucus, followed by bath time then nose frida and Vick’s :raised_hands:t3:

Use a vibrator of you have one

Steam your bathroom out and bring your child in for 5 min at a time 5 out. This will help losen it and a sucker will help

Benedryl helps dry everything up

Nothing just work it out