What can I give my 5 month old For diarrhea?

My son who is 5 months tested positive for covid last week. He finished his medicine a few days ago and seems to be feeling better.. however, he is still having the diarrhea. What can I give him to help his little tummy? Should I take him back to his doctor? Should I let it run its course? Im a new mom so I am not sure what to do. Please help. Thank you.

I would keep an eye on it. Make sure he’s still peeing & make sure it isn’t dark. If he isn’t peeing or if he is but it’s dark… he might be dehydrated. Make sure there’s no blood in it. If he’s eating solids already I would try foods that help soothe so crackers, cereal, pasta or bananas. If it still continues for a few days I would call the doctor & get a check up, also ask if pedialyte is okay to give him so he can be hydrated

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I give my 5 month old For diarrhea?

There isn’t anything you can give him because he’s too small. Call your doctor!

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Call your pediatrician and ask them for advice


Take a coke and make it flat let him drink it or you can buy coke syrup at the drug store

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I’m not sure about the diarrhea but make sure to keep him hydrated


Call your pediatrician

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Don’t give your baby anything unless the doc approved it!!


Call your doctor and put cream on his bottom with every diaper change so his butt doesn’t get sore

Call your doctor. With how young he is & it lasting this long, they should be informed. Hope he’s better soon!

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Pedialyte to keep him hydrated but besides that nothing you can do for diarrhea. Hope it passes soon poor guy


That’s parent of covid from the medicine

I personally would call your doctor and ask because diarrhea in infants can turn to dehydration so fast. So please call your doctor ASAP.

Just give him Pedialyte and keep him hydrated. The diarrhea is virus leaving his body and you really don’t want that to stay in.


Covid did that to me — they told me not to take anything to stop diarrhea but to be sure I didn’t get dehydrated— I drank pedialyte

Call his pediatrician

A 5 month old can get really sick real quick. He can get dehydrated fast because of the diarrhea. If the baby had this diarrhea for more that two days you need to take him to the doctor. Don’t listen to Facebook Doctor but take him to a real Doctor. Specially since he is positive for Covid.

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This probiotic is made for infants. I gave it to my now-9YO when she was 5 weeks old and it cured all the tummy trouble. Your son probably has imbalanced gut flora due to the virus and the medication.

Do not give him anything without calling his doctor. NOTHING.


Being that he’s only 5 months old and mostly likely only consuming breast milk or formula, talk to your doc asap.

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Make sure he is getting plenty of fluids and speak to your dr

Make cinnamon rice water
Give to baby
It helps

Diarrhea can QUICKLY dehydrate a young baby. I would definitely call your doctor. I bet he is not able to replace what he is losing and it becomes a bad cycle. Hope it ends soon!!

Yogurt won’t hurt then and will help the tummy