What can I give my babies for a cold?

Hello. I am looking for advice on what to give my sick babies for a cold. I have a 2 yr old and eight months old. Currently giving them Hylands sick tablets, but they’re not doing much. My 2 yr has a horrible cough, and my 8month old was up all night. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, everyone!


Baby Vick’s and socks on the feet for the cough! :slightly_smiling_face:


Baby vicks and a humidifier… that’s about all you can do

Second on Zarbees! Also they have a chest rub as well, and purchase a humidifier

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I would ask my pediatrician

Go talk to your local pharmacist. They can give u a better answer…or…maybe make an appointment to see their doctor.
Meds depend on their symptoms.
Baby vicks is good, and baby/children’s advil is good too.

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Most Drs say nothing (maybe a little tylenol) but just let it run its course

I’ve had good luck with Zarbee’s, also! There are two versions, one with honey and one without. The one with honey is not recommended for children under 1 y/o, but the other is approved (via label) for little little ones. Also, steamy bathroom, saline, and suction can help with congestion. Good luck!

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Zarbees has one for babies zero honey in it.

As for your two yr old there is one by zarbees that can help!

Take them to hospital

I use these for by boys , for my 8 month old I give him Tylenol rub some baby Vick’s on the bottom of this feet put socks on and rub some on his chest :blush:

I give my 6 month old this. It helped a lot

Saline drops in the nose and homeopathic syrup.

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Cold ease by boiron all natural safe 6 months and up

Please take them to.the doctor just to make sure they’re lungs are clear…pneumonia is so common and can be deadly…remember some kids dont ALWAYS produce a fever even though they can me much more I’ll than the symptoms you are noticing …hope they feel better very soon !! <3

Vicks on the bottom of their feet with socks


Motrin liquid its. A merical

Second Zarbees! Our 6 month old is just getting over a cold! I gave her the cough with elderberries and then used the chest rub on her. it has been day 4 and she is almost back to herself! I also have a vaporizer in her room too that has helped a lot.

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Benadryl to dry them up and Motrin for any pain

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Call your doctor for correct dosage of any medications you give. They can let you know what it and isn’t safe to give. Please, don’t give an infant any meds someone on the internet told you to give them.

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Nothing. It will get better.

Zarbees chest rub on the bottom of feet with socks on at bed time helps with the cough .

There is a lot of RSV going around. If your child is pulling in his tummy so that you can see their ribs, coughing to the point of gagging, wheezing (sounds like a squeaky door), take them in. A junky sounding chest that clears with a cough is normal.

I use Zabreez , make sure the 8 month old gets the infant kind with no honey, because they could potentially get botulism. The 2 year old can have the kind with honey but they make infant zabreez with no honey in it . It always helps my kids !

Ask your pediatrician. Mine suggests this for my 18 month old and doesn’t want her to take anything else.

Take them to the doctor

Please take them to see a Dr.

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Hylands cold and cough for the 2 year old… but the 8 month old it may have to just to run its course, some tylenol may help a little, also steam or a humidifier… when my kiddos have a cold we have tried a few cold medicines but none really help the cough, but honestly this stuff helps alot with the cough

You can gove agave nectar for cough, it’s what they use in Zarbees cough, but it’s a lot cheaper

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Go to the dr with them


My kids are way beyond the baby stage. Does anyone know if they still make the baby vapor bath stuff that you add like bubbles to a bath? You can put a Vick’s Vaporizer in their room.

I’d talk to your child’s doctor

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Agree, take them to the dr

Baby chest rub on the bottom of there feet with socks and prop them up with rsv and the glue going around I don’t think I would be on here I would get them to the er cause it can be very dangerous not to scare you prayers

Take them to the doctor!! Top much flu and rsv going around to risk it!

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Zarbees baby and zarbees kids…

I literally asked a pharmacist about this today. She said that they don’t make like a “ cough and cold” medicine for kids under 6 and they don’t recommend anything until 6 as it can have side effects and risk over dosing. She said a humidifier, hydration and look out for fever and if the cough persists for a week or there is green phlegm, go to a doctor and saline and a nose bulb. That was the only advice and she said she wouldn’t waste money on homeopathic stuff either :woman_shrugging:t2: hope that helps. I have a Vick’s humidifier that you can put cartridges in to help as well.

Use humidifier it can kill infections in the air and help with breathing

Yep md will make sure diagnosis

Elderberry syrup and a humidifier

Zarbees with elderberry works wonders for a cough

Zarbees is a all natural I use it for my 4 year old daughter and my 1 yearly old son it’s wonderful

Call a doctor. Don’t seek medical advice on Facebook.

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Be careful & take them to their Dr. The flu is awful - children are dying from it. Please don’t wait to get them checked. Good luck. God blesd all sick babies.

I make all natural elderberry

Steam and fluids. Tylenol.an ibuprofen to help with comforting. Patting the lungs help as well. Put a pot on the stove n boil it. Thats what we use if we dont have a humidifier

Take them to the doctor

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Doctor to rule out rsv/flu…and a humidifier for the cough.

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Take them to a pedestrian

Baby and infants Tylenol, Advil or Ibuprofen… All which any pharmacist would gladly recommend.

Go to dr pnuemonia is going around

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I use the natural stuff in the baby section

My daughter is also sick with a bad cold. We just use nose spray, and nose sucker, pain reliever, and just got some baby cold/mucus meds from walmart. The only one they have.

You can’t give kids that young cough meds because it- suppressed their cough- which leads to the mucus staying in the chest.

Alternate tylonal and ibprohen ask a doctor if there’s a cough syrup they recommend

My kids had a bad cold I took him to the doctor and it was the flu they have to put them on flu medicine

Syntoms would be nice to know. For coughing, wheezing run the shower hot & play with them in the steam filled bathroom. Then put Vicks on their feet & socks over them. Feed them food with garlic & citrus in it. Disinfect their room. It’s basically a waiting game. If their breathing is really labored, their lips, finger tips or toes turn blue/purple take them to the ER.

Humidifier, breathing treatments, trip to doc.

Humidifier, diffuser, elderberry, essential oils (not from the store) water to drink…if you haven’t yet I highly suggest an RSV test from the doc. They may need breathing treatments

Zarbees children’s tylenol as for 8 month old they dont really recommend much .humidifier you can always get the vicks plug ins 6 ft away from children

Take them to the dr.

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Take the baby to the pediatrician if not both. Pneumonia is going around, I had it this year myself.

Talk to your doctor about giving your kiddos Zarbees. I know your 2 year old can have it, and zarbees has a baby (2month+) cough and mucus but I’d still talk to their doctor first. This stuff is amazing truly and Zarbees has cough syrups and chest rubs safe for both!

Go to er. Children are haveing the flu. It’s killing children. Please go to er.

Baby vick on feet then put socks on just before bed they won’t cough through the night. Worked with all 4 of my kids xx

There’s a lot of it about I would ask the pharmacist as they are so young xx

Take them to the doctor. I am not one and never give medical advice on line. Too many sue happy people these days

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Children’s/infants Tylenol

Baby Vicks works wonders but rub on bottom of feet sparingly. Set up vaporizer in room. Do not put Vicks in it. Just steam will help by going in bathroom and starting shower behind curtain, and just sit on toilet for 15 minutes or so.

Take to dss if you dont know how to take care of them

You probably should have both of them checked by a dr just insure they dont have rsv . go through the house and deep clean with disinfectant wash toys in it as well surfaces little hands and big hands touch . door knobs, remotes key pads phones . light switches .wipe down crib rails . run a cool air mist vaporizer . during winter air is dryer. Prop head of bed up to ease breathing . vit c . have thier ears checked too . sometimes eear inf go along with head colds .

Humidifier, or turn the water on as hot as it gets, steam the bathroom up and put a towel over your heads. Make a game out it. I also use Maty’s chest rub. It’s petroleum free

If they don’t respond to meds then it’s probably not a cold. Go to the :man_health_worker:

Take them to a Dr. with all these different viruses going round you never know.

With babies that young you always call their doctor. As I’m mentioned RSV n is going around and I know someone was in the hospital a week with it. Take them to the doctor.

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Please have them seen by a doctor. My sons all had what we thought was a bad cold when they were 2 and 3 years old (20 years ago), come to find out, it was pneumonia. They had to spend the night in a humidified oxygen tent while getting antibiotics. Most of us just want to treat our kids at home and think “it’s not that bad”. It can go from mild to severe in just a few days. Please take those babies to a doctor. :heart:

Doctor! To rule out pneumonia! Don’t wait. You’d be surprised how many times they might have it and it doesn’t sound like we think when they cough.
I took mine right away last Nov cause he seemed to be breathing fast and he had it and the doctor said we caught it early and that was very good!

My little one has been sick since the beginning of December, I was so worried about him too…Took him to see the dr 3x…was told I could give him honey for his cough, he is 2 1/2, and I’ve been using vicks for babies and holistic medication, which I purchased at the health food store…Better to put your mind at ease and take them to the drs.

I work for a pediatrician, I would ask their doctor before giving them anything. A cold is a virus and can’t really do much. Have been seeing a lot of Flu and RSV. I would get them checked out.


Take them to the Pediatrician please ASAP!!

Take them to your pediatrician. Lot of respiratory virus(RSV) . I work in pediatrics- they need to be checked.


I boil a nice peeled chunk of ginger and a few lemons in water and they drink it in small amounts at a time you can even throw in some cloves of garlic if you want.

The cough could also be croup. My son gets it worse than my daughter. The throat swells and closes, causing that cough. He always needs steroids to get through it… I’d go in to the doctor and get a dosing chart for meds. Sometimes an over the counter allergy med, like Zyrtec can help too.

Call your pediatrician or take them to the Emergency room :rotating_light:

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Yep, go to the dr. Lil ones need professional attention

Speak to an essential oil expert . Get a humidifier and put some oils in it . All natural
Also try Vick’s vapor rub on chest

Definitely see pediatrician! Cool mist humidifier. You can put children’s Vick rub on the bottom of their feet, then put socks or footie pjs over it.

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Take them to the Dr. please! My great niece was just admitted to Children’s of Alabama for RSV. She is only 2 months old!


Take them to the doctor it is easy to give advice on what to use and some of these sound good but who on here knows what is wrong with them RSV is going around and it is bad you dont want to just guess at what will work and whay wont when it could be something really serious

Put Vicks vapor rub on their feet with socks and run a vaporizer in there room

my terrible cough happened to be pneumonia so defenitley take them to the doctor

Take them to the doctor. Don’t mess around trying different things.

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Consult your pediatrician do not give any meds he does not ok or prescribe- he may refer you or give you advice about sources of allergies-as others have said - your littler ones may have a life threatening problem - get them examined!

It’s RSV season. I wouldn’t mess with anything and go straight to your doctors!


Cold mist humidifier. Diffuse Young Living Thieves essential oil. Lots of fluids.


Vicks vapor rub on their back and feet

Honeys not good for under 1 yr old. Vicks and steam from the shower

The previous comment is correct. Sit them in the bathroom to and let hot water run for 20 minutes. I always did that with mine and it worked for me. The steam will help to losse the mucus and moist the throat that will reduce a sore throat.

A 2-year old is NOT a baby - he or she is a TODDLER. Anyway, the toddler NEEDS to see a doctor for the correct way of getting rid of a cold.


Zarbees works wonders!