What can I give my baby for congestion?

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My 6 month old has a lot of mucus built up in his chest. I feel bad because he can’t breathe. He’s pretty congested, I always make sure his nose stays sucked. Is there anything I can give or do to help with mucus built up in the chest?


I use coryzallia and a lot of steam showers with Eucalyptus or lavender oil


Take them to a doctor

Put baby Vick’s on his feet & put socks on… zarbees has some good decongestants

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Get him checked before you use Vick’s. I was using it before I knew our little one had pneumonia and the doctor said in that case it can cause more harm than good.

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I use to do a really hot shower and steam up the bathroom and go sit with my babies for about 3 to 5 min with the door closed and let the steam do its work…but i also had confirmed they were congested and everything by the doctor and made sure it wasnt anything else. But after docotor said fluids…and keep them cleared out best you can…avoid dairy or at least large amounts…it can cause the extra mucus and make it thicker…harder to suck out and drain…but my kids were always older( 3 or 4) id still do the steam but add alittle salt to the bottom of the bathtub…but before doing some tricks to help clear make sure its not RSV or something else…may be irritating to make app and go just to be told its a cold and blah blah but its so worth nowing its something simple and will subside vrs something that will get worse or is contagious…better safe then sorry.

Put Vicks in an wax burner so it is in the air… U know the wax burner u put the chunk of wax in to smell good… But instead of wax, put Vicks in and let it melt… the whole house will have the benefits of Vicks in the air

Take him to his pediatrician.

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My granddaughter was really congested at 6 months. The dr told us to use a humidifier in the house. She was better the first day. I always suggest before doing for a little one, talk to your dr first.

Your baby needs medical attention!

Steam in a bathroom. But I swear by the zarbees stuff that mess is magic!

They make children’s mucinex and zyrtec. He will clear up. But definitely take him to his ped.

He needs antibiotics take him to the doctor

Omg get the poor baby to the doctor

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Vibrator on his back will help break it up. Unorthodox in some peoples eyes but it freaking works

what does the doctor say? just follow his advice always a good idea I have found

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Take the baby to hospital they will help your baby clear the chest