What can I give my daughter?

Good Morning Ladies! My two little kids are sick. My son is almost 3 and my little girl just turned three months old. I have medicine to give my son, but is there anything that I can give my daughter? She only has a slight cough and kind of a runny/mucousy nose. But I want to nip it in the butt before it gets worse.


Baby isle in Walmart has some baby vaporub for 3m and up! Sadly there’s nothing else you could give them. My whole house had Covid on Christmas, my 4yr old had it the worst and my 2m old son had it. I used the vaporub on him anyways even though he wasn’t old enough just because there’s nothing to give him & the vapopads that go in humidifiers are for 3yrs and up so we could not use one of those around him. Also, there’s some stuffy nose and cough bath stuff in the baby isle at Walmart, get that and when you give your oldest a bath bring the baby in the bathroom too, close the door so it all stays in the bathroom. And saline nose drops, made by little remedies, also at Walmart!!!

Your baby is actually building immunities every time she’s sick. I swear we were always suctioning out our son’s nose when he was a baby, but afterwards he was hardly ever sick.

Your pediatrician is always the best person to ask…they know what’s safe and what works.


Being she is so young humidifier and steam in bathroom maybe call nurse… babies can be tricky to treat

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I turned the shower on super hot closed the door, and put chest rub on the shower wall, and sat on the toilet holding my littles when they didn’t feel good, the chest rub mixed with the steam and helped, but other than the steam I would call the doctor to make sure first

I seen a guy use peroxide and liquid iodine in any mist machine. He said the next day he was clear!

No, you shouldn’t give her anything at that age. If she has a runny nose, just keep wiping her nose. And maybe a hot steam shower? To try to help get rid of the cough?

Not much really.
Nose frida is a life saver!
Steamy showers to help loosen it up.
And if nursing, all the extra boobie time.

Humidifier, vapor rub, and saline drops when you suction her nose! You can also suction out her mouth as well to help clear some of the mucos! Literally just went through this with my two month old, obviously consult your doctor first but there really isn’t anything they can give her! We also tried sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running and it helped a lot!

We used the Vicks vaposteam vaporizers during the night which helped and the zarbees vapor rub. If your breastfeeding your milk should help with building up her immune system.

Steam shower and highlands tiny cold tablets and humidifier nothing else u can do for them

Prayers for your children. Amene!

Sit in the bathroom with the shower on hot. The steam will help. My little is almost 3 month with same symptoms & this is what I’ve been doing & letting her nurse a lot more.

Does your pediatrician have a nurse line you can call? I have used it so much with my 11 month old. They are great at helping with ideas, easing worry, and telling you when it’s time to come in.

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When my little boy was sick that little we just waved some chest rub under his nose for a few seconds and kept it suctioned out. Really not much you can give a baby that little


Geez people, stop asking for medical advice on Facebook. Be a responsible parent and ask a health professional.

Suction the nose and use a cool most humidifier, most importantly CALL YOUR PEDIATRICIAN.

Cool mist humidifier and bulb syringe to suck the nose. Ask the pediatrician/primary care and that’s usually what they suggest for newborns. When babies are sick they just try to sleep it off. Try not to jump to medicating preemptively

Anything OTC is just going to treat symptoms. It won’t shorten the length of the silliness. I’d contact your pediatrician to get them tested to make sure it’s not COVID or a virus needing an antibiotic.

As far as treating her cough & congestion turn your shower on full blast with hot water. Keep her in there breathing in the steam for 10-15 minutes. Apply baby Vicks to her feet & chest. Cover with socks & a Tshirt. A vaporizer may help too.