What can I give my kid for dehydration?

When to take your LO in for dehydration? My guy is 6, severely sick with the flu, refusing all liquids, even popsicles.


Bring him to the hospital so they can get him an IV if he’s refusing all liquids. That’s really the best thing for him. I hope he gets well soon :heart:

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Pedialyte but if they are refusing to drink anything I would take them in

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If he’s refusing all liquids I would take him in.

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My granddaughter was like that too . I gave her ice chips . She vomited everything else up. I was ready to take her to the ER

If he’s showing signs of dehydrated then hospital ASAP, however it takes a while to get dehydrated! Little sips often will help

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Gatorade- freeze and make slushees

Just put pedialyt in lo tube

Make a slushie out of Pedialyte Popsicles
Give him watermelon, Cucumbers or Oranges
Yogurt…look up foods with high water content and see if there is anything he will eat.

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Hard candies will increase saliva production and possibly increase wanting a liquid
Worked well for my kids
I gave them old fashioned butterscotch or peppermints

Suck on a wet cold facecloth