What can I give my tween to help with their acne?

For moms with pre- teens. My tween has acne. Looking for recommendations on a safe gentle acne wash?


My teen uses noxema wipes daily and it works for him. Every BODY is different, I know this, but, it may help them! :blush:

My pcp prescribed me a cream which made my face peel and then the outcome was like baby fresh skin it was amazing but you can’t be out in the sun if you use it, just ask her pcp

Acne tends to be gut related or vitamin deficiency. Make sure sugar intake is low, vitamin intake is daily l, water intake is optimal. Skin can flare when our bodies are not detoxing properly.

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Take them to a dermatologist, most insurance plans cover it, my daughter had the beginning stages and the treatment they gave her cleared it up completely. Good luck

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I agree with the comments, also stay hydrated and wash pillow cases frequently

This is actually an important post. I think ppl don’t realize what acne is and how it can be treated

I used proactive. It is amazing. And head and shoulders shampoo.

Worth every penny for a dermatologist.


Go to a dermatologist. They can prescribe clindamycin that’s helped with my acne. But everyone is different. Also, Curology helped me initially too. It broke out before it got better but it helped put me on the right track.

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have them so all of the face routines they see on tik tok

My daughter changed her whole diet…


If she is I. Sports washing after games etc., sanitize phones regularly, wash bedding often, and the PCA blemish bar last forever has done wonders here - Goodluck

Dermatologist. There are different types of acne. Fungal, hormonal, cystic, etc. All have different treatments so see a dermatologist.

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Go to a good Dermatologist! Worth every penny.


Please see a dermatologist……they will suggest products to help….it is well worth it……I always feel bad for teens and then adults that never had treatment and have bad complexions.


Hero products, from the yellow line to the pimple face patches.

I recently saw that washing your face with Head & Shoulders, or generic brand dandruff shampoo will help acne. It has to do with the high levels of zinc in the shampoo.


I always get anything with benzoyl peroxide acne. Recommended by one of my doctors

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My daughter was told to get Differin from her dermatologist. It is now sold over the counter.
We also changes shampoo and used Teenology.
Removed milk from her diet

Washing their face and watching what they eat…I know they’re teens and well everybody eats like crap sometimes but the sodas and fast/junk food play a big part in a lot of peoples acne

Have your child wash their face twice a day with a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic. Sleep with a cream on, and wash off in the morning. If over the counter doesn’t work, go see a dermatologist. They gave me pills for my face. But I also have been using La Roche-Posay and it’s helped out a lot with what the dermatologist has given me too. But it’s so important to wash your face every morning and every night.

My dermatologist prescribed Accutane when I was 12 13. Honestly was a life saver