What can I put on babies face for dry skin?

What do you guys put on your baby’s face for dry skin? My baby is 8 weeks old, he’s got some baby acne and his skin is dry… not sure what to use on his face. I don’t want to break his skin out even more, so I’m nervous what to use

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both my kids had the worse dry patches. I used Aveeno overnight eczema cream

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baby eucerin is what I always used for my kids and seems to always work. I’ve also used aveeno baby which works well also

I just put my milk on my baby’s face

Baby lotion, baby acne is also normal

Breast milk works the fastest I’d say

Breastmilk. Coconut oil. Baby lotion

Warm wet washcloth no soap

Aveeno cream is good or fucidin cream

The best course of action is to leave it alone. They’re detoxing from our hormones and it’ll pass.

Breast milk if you’re breast feeding. Used it for all my babies. Even clears up cradle cap.

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