What can I put under my childs car seat on a leather seat?

What would you ladies suggest to put down under a car seat for a car with leather seats? Mom just bought the car seat for the boy & she is asking. Not even sure if this is safe? TIA


I have leather seats in my car and I don’t put anything under it. My mom put seat covers in hers and my daughters car seat fits fine and anchors still

Depends on the carseat manufature. Check the manual for BOTH your car seat and car, it make a difference. Some car seat brands allow a thin towel or thin mat, some only allow their brand of mat, some allow nothing at all under the seat. Check your seat manual, always. No mat should be used to aid installation of the seat. You are going to end up with lines in your seats no matter what, if that’s an issue; take the car seat out every so often and condition the seats and allow them to breathe. They bounce back pretty quick.

My daughters car seat came with a piece of fabric that goes on to the car seat itself.

I’ve always anchored a blanket. Still car seat does what it is supposed to do.

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Not all carseats allow stuff under them check ur carseat manual


A crib sheet fits a backseat perfectly. Take a pair of scissors and cut exactly where your buckles/anchors are. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you can take it back off and clean up the cuts with a serger or you can just leave it be, it won’t be noticeable. I made two sets for my car that way I can swap out on laundry day.

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Some car seats allow a towel or blanket but you have to check your manual. Most don’t allow anything underneath


In the past I have bought a leather seat cover made specifically to go under a car seat. It even had pockets in the front to store baby items.

A washable bed mat is what we used for our kids and grandchildren it works great and catches just about everything

As a child passenger safety technician, it’s against manufacturers recommendations as those types of accessories are not crash tested with the car seats.


Nothing, I rather ruin the car seat than risk the safety of my child.


I use a weather tech mat made specifically for my vehicle.


I have a thing I got for my babyshower look on Amazon!

I used to put crib length waterproof puddle pads. Not sure if they make these anymore but it saved our seats and our ottoman (where we used to change our babies a lot.
Check-out Cozumo Puddle pads on Amazon

Search seat covers on Amazon they work amazing!