What can I take for a cold on pregnancy?

Hey mommas! i ended up getting a cold a bad one and im 10 weeks pregnant! anything to help it go away as fast as possible?

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You can use plain mucinex and plain Sudafed if you aren’t sure which ones are right check with the pharmacist

Talk to your doctor. DO NOT take mucinex


I was sick like 4 times this pregnancy. I’m almost done thankfully. Ask your doctor what would be best! It really sucks being sick and pregnant.

Call your doctor. You have to be careful of what you take, especially in the first trimester.


Check with the ob on what you can take.

Vitamin C and lots of fluids wash your hands and all surfaces to prevent reinfection. Ask your OB for a list of medications that’s safe for YOU! What is safe for some might not be for all!


In my state they have a pregnancy hotline number that will tell you which medications have been approved for use during pregnancy. I actually got the number from my doctor. Maybe try that?

Check with your ob but mine told me lots of rest and fluids and Tylenol for aches and pains

I was sick at 10 weeks also. My OB told me to go to a Med express bc they can prescribe medications… definitely go! Don’t want to be miserable.

I always just ride it out and upped my vitamin C intake. Better for baby.


Take benedryl and ride it out

Here is the list my doctor gave me

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DO NOT take Mucinex 🤦

Zinc lozenger they come in grape or cherry flavored chew on a couple of those a day and they shorten the length of a cold really well I’ve used them for years you can buy them at Kroger’s some of the Walgreens have them and if you the other stores may have them

Honestly whenever I was sick I drank warm Lennon water with honey. Which helped so much. And I would take a Tylenol sinus severe totally safe trust me used it with both pregnancies it is a life saver anything tylenol

Fluids, vitamin C, Tylenol. You’re grown if that can’t get you through your cold idk what will :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

Vitamin C, use a netti pot, and drink plenty of water

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Honey and lemon, and a sinus rinse. You can also take regular tylenol, but id consult your ob or family doctor first.