What can I take for a cold while pregnant?

Remedies for cold/flu in early pregnancy? I’m only 4 weeks and this cold is sooo bad!

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Elderberry juice syrup, Humidifier and tea with honey, Also a warm compress on the forhead and sinuses

I had a cold last the first 2-3months of my pregnancy…your immune system is weaker and it makes it more difficult to get over illnesses…There’s nothing you can really take that early on except Tylenol I don’t think…stay hydrated with Powerade, water, and hot soups…cough drops and cool mist humidifier at night. call your OB if you have one already…no other doctor will feel very comfortable giving you advice while pregnant.

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Lots if liquids
And I cannot streas this enough REST

Benadryl… Hope You feel better!

Double check these with pregnancy…
Ricola cough drops.