What can I take for a sore throat while pregnant?

Sore throat remedies while pregnant ( 30 weeks ) my little brought some of her back to school germs back. Yayyy


Butterscotch candies. Honey lemon water.

I always used some tea, ground ginger, a little lemon juice if you like and lots of honey. Also straight honey will help coat and soothe your throat

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Chamomile tea with lots of honey

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Lemon and honey tea. Cough drops.

Gargling warm salt water always helps me.


… lemon honey.tea… please confirm dr before taking any medication…
But honey helps soothe,

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This is what’s in my offices book of approved medications

My husband isn’t a doctor but this seems to be his suggestion to cure a sore throat :joy::joy:
Lemme know if it actually works :joy::joy:


Slippery elm cough drops & tea.

Lemon & honey in warm water

Marshmallows are great for sore throat.

Raw honey with a little coconut oil (solid cooking type) blend it together well till its like a butter ans take a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon a few times a day after drinking some lemon ginger and honey tea