What can I take for constipation while pregnant?

So I am 34 weeks (not that it really matters but have been measuring 3 weeks ahead) pregnant with my second child. This whole pregnancy has been a piece of cake. Although the past week I have been feeling absolutely miserable. I had sever back pain and cramps Sunday and ended up going to labor and delivery. TMI but i haven’t had a solid bowl in about 2 weeks. They put me on the monitor and did not see anything, as I thought would happen. I experience pain very well but i just haven’t been feeling right. Any other mommas experience this? Is this a sign I may go into labor soon?

This is how I felt about a week and a half before giving birth to my first. Nothing through the whole pregnancy then all of a sudden I felt everything at once. Then it went away and I was SUPER tired for 2 days, then I went into labor

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