What can I take for headaches while pregnant?

I want to know how anyone else gets headaches during pregnancy. Did you only go the first trimester or second or all of it. I’ve seen my doctor about it they say its normal but now I’m going on 14 weeks and I still have frequent headaches and its painful :pensive:


It’s a girl? Had bad headaches with my two…I figured it was an estrogen overload…

Its normal to have headaches throughout pregnancy your body of course is changeing alot I have had them throughout my whole pregnancy and I’m 26 weeks and 4 days

I have them all the time and im 16 weeks 4 days with twin girls… My doctor also told me its normal…

I’ve had headaches my whole pregnancy& im 30weeks I use Tylenol bc ibuprofen is bad for your baby especially in 1st trimester

I’m 20 weeks with a boy and get them a lot. To the point I can’t do anything and I throw up all day due to the pain of them. My doctor said it’s normal. But I never had this problem with my first

My doctor told me to have one can of Coke.
It could be caffeine withdrawals.

I had headaches throughout my pregnancy with my son and with my current pregnancy(I’m almost 19wks along) Extra strength Tylenol is the only thing that really helps but I try not to take it frequently. If you can just try to take a nap if possible or just even closing your eyes.

I had migraines…
the whole pregnancy

I had headaches during my pregnancy because I developed high blood pressure during my 1st trimester good luck, hope you feel better soon.

I used to. and for me it was my body wasn’t aligned and o was getting a lot of headaches and pain so I went to chiro.

I get migraines daily and they are even worse now with this pregnancy! Most likely from the hormones but it sucks and not much they can do. I take fiorcet for them and that’s okay to take when pregnant too. It does help a lot!

Check your blood pressure it could be high

I had migraines, made me throw up and all I could have was zofran and Tylenol

My dr sent me to a neurologist. I had at least one migraine a week.

I had bad headaches my 1st trimester and maybe 2nd too. I read that it’s normal and just due to hormones.

I had headaches with all 3 of my boys. It is normal, but staying hydrated helps. Also seeing a chiropractor helps a TON too. There is some out there that specialize in prenatal treatments. Make sure you’re eating healthy too because it does reduce them. I hope you feel better soon and remember it’s all worth it in the end!

dehydration, low/high blood sugar, low/high blood pressure, anemia (iron, b12), heat issues. the only thing that helped with mine was taking a supplement for iron and b12 as well as essential oils

I started getting migraines after the birth of my first child. I still have them over 28 years later. He gets them too. We constantly joke about it with me saying he gave them to me, then he chimes in and says, “It’s okay because she gave them right back to me!”

I’m 40+5 now and I used to get frequent migraines before I was pregnant and now its every so often. Tylenol has always helped me. I usually got a headache from lack of sleep or needing to eat or drink something

A can of soda with caffeine is the best thing for a pregnancy migraine (for me, at least). The tylenol would not even take the edge off.

I had bad migraines with one of my girls. They got worse when I was breast feeding, the dr called them lactation headaches they were so bad every time I would pump or she would latch I was throwing up and shivering from the headaches. I had to completely stop breast feeding it was awful. And with my other 3 kids I was fine!

I never had any with my pregnancy.

My Dr. said to drink some caffeine. I also found if I put an ice pack on the back of my neck it really helped.

Every women is different. Make sure you stay hydrated and just watch if it gets worse im 19 weels and I’ve been getting them alot lately. This is my 5th child

I’ve been getting migraines since I was 16, and would get them a few times a week before pregnancy. During my pregnancy I would get them almost daily and they were even more intense. I hope you’re able to find some relief! :heartpulse:

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All the way to the end, but you should ask to be checked for preeclampsia just to be safe. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is very normal, it’s usually due to the increase of hormones and blood flow… I hope your headaches ease up…

I got them a lot. Gatorade can help. Make sure you’re hydrated. Less sodium intake. Look up headache relief on Pinterest!!

Had it on my first trimester… But its just a mild one. Keeping hydrated will help tho

31 weeks pregnant and I have the worst headaches they are currently testing me for preeclampsia because I’ve had high blood pressure so I’d ask them if yours has been high when you go back to the doctor and take baby aspirin at night and Tylenol when you wake up that’s what my doctor has be doing until I go back Friday and he puts me on something for blood pressure. Good luck momma!

Had them all the way til I gave birth. Migraines too and it sucked.

If youve exhausted most options…go get your eyes tested. Your vision is often impaired during pregnancy and can cause migraines, you probably wont even realise it.
I am a victim of this haha!

It doesnt help that the blood is somewhere else. I don’t have headaches i I have rhinitis and this is around the time that every thing is swollen and your nose and ears could be the culprit . I could barely breath out my nose or lie down without it hurting or bothering me till 3 months along and some

Same! I still have them and I’m 18 weeks I’ve had them since my first daughter and then after and now with my second I still get em Tylenol sometimes helps but not all the time it sucks my dr says its normal too just to make sure I stay hydrated

I had migraines for the entire first 6 months of my second pregnancy. Every. Single. Day. From the moment I became pregnant. It was awful - they were in the back of my head and I could barely move/lift my head, let alone function. They are hormonal and there really is nothing to do about them until your hormones level out at about 6 months. **I was offered pain meds but I was afraid to take them. I remember the day my hormones finally leveled off. I was on the phone with my friend and I literally felt the migraine drain from the back of my head, down my neck and shoulders. I was pain free until about 2 or 3 days after I gave birth, when your hormones get all wonky again and it was the worse pain I’ve ever had in my life - I called the doctor thinking I had meningitis from the epidural. Luckily I worked with him and he knew me well enough to say, “If it was meningitis, you’d be dead. It’s a migraine. I’m calling in an urgent prescription - send your husband to the store now or go to the ER.” Unfortunately, I continue to get hormonal migraines - every time I get my period and ovulate. Plus the weather contributes to them. I have 15+ migraine days a month for the last 17 years. I wish you luck and if they are hormonal, I hope they go away for you after you have the baby. What I’m looking forward to is that menopause finally sorts out my head pain.

I had migraines all though out my first trimester until we discovered It was my prenatals messing with me , I switched to different ones and they went away . It’s not always the cause but it is comin

I’m 24 weeks tomorrow and have headaches fairly often. Thankfully I’ve only had 2 migraines so far but both of those were so much worse than any normal migraine I’ve had since I can’t take my migraine meds during pregnancy. The regular headaches seem to be tied to both my activity levels and my fluid intake. My advice is make sure not to get even a little dehydrated and if you get tired and have the option, take a rest. You should be able to shorten the headaches if you can do that.

32 weeks and I still have frequent headaches, sometimes migraines.