What can I take for the flu while pregnant?

I am 15 weeks pregnant and my kids have a stomach flu n I’m think I may have caught it anything I can or should do to keep myself n baby safe n kk? I’m really scared


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Vitamin C, orange juice. Water, white frost Gatorade. Chicken broth. Bread butter

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I had the stomach flu around that time when I was pregnant with my second daughter. Stay hydrated! I had it for a week :pensive::sweat_smile: don’t worry about eating, just drink drink drink!

Drink grape juice it lines the stomach from the flu

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Do not drink orange juice, too much sugar and acid. Stick with clear liquids and grape juice as the poster above stayed…

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Baby will be ok but u on other hand wash ur hands alot sanitize ur home n have other kids wash their hands n faces wash bedding u will need fluids like water Gatorade liquid that to keep u hydrated drinks without sugar n ask ur doctor what u can take for diarrhea n upset stomach…

Drink lots to keep your self hydrated

Activated charcoal, it helped me avoid a couple rounds of flu in my house with my last pregnancy

If you start seeing signs of dehydration please take yourself to the hospital. You’ll need to be put on an IV. Your amniotic fluid could dry up and that could hurt baby and you.

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Keep hydrated even if your throwing it up keep drinking. Get some Gatorade or pedialyte you need those electrolytes too!

Stomach flu won’t really harm you or baby as long as you stay hydrated and try to eat. One of those things you just have to let pass, sadly. I was sick my entire pregnancy and never broke my pre pregnancy weight. I was on antibiotics for 6 months total, and on anti nausea medication for the entire pregnancy. That would be your worst case scenario, but if you’re an average, healthy woman, then you should be fine. I’m anemic and have vitamin and immune deficiencies, so mine was a bit extreme…

Go to the er. I ended up having to get fluids and they gave me a pill to help me stop puking .

just keep fluids in if you feel that your dehydrated go to the hospital to get a iv thats the main concern is that your hydrated my doctor told me the baby is fine unless your dehydrated

Keep hydrated and easy foods like broths or soups.