What can I take for the flu while pregnnat?

Hi everyone, I am currently 24weeks pregnant and I’ve got flu. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I feel horrible, my head feels supper huge and mu nose and throat is killing me, plus I don’t even have the energy to get up for work in the mornings. What can I use, not just for the flu but the for the lack of energy… ??? 🤷


Sleep. Just sleep as much as you can. I had the flu during the birth of my second son. It was horrible. But I think sleep will be your best friend. Don’t push yourself. Let your body recover, it’s doing enough as is.


Sambucol and osciscillinum

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Tons of water and tylenol product. Hope you feel better soon!

Juice plus helps a lot!

Rest is best and plenty of fluids

Elderberry syrup, vitamin a and d,

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Chicken and veggie soup and alot of rest! Hope you feel better soon :grin:

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Airmune & ACC 200. Helps for both

You need to check with a Dr to see what you can take that won’t hurt the baby.


Elderberry, liquid iv (powder u put in water), diffuser n sleep!

go to the doctor don’t use anything unless he tells you to

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Is it a dr confirmed flu? Or a cold?

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Vitamins!!! B and C!!!

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My doctor told me tamiflu, cold and flu, and Tylenol will help with the flu. Been there a couple of months ago. But get as much rest as you can and stay hydrated.

I couldn’t take tamiflu but I caught after the given time frame for it. My doctor told me Tylenol for the body aches, Robitussin and Benadryl. However, each person is different so confirming with a doctor is better than basing it off what we could use. If the flu was confirmed I’d call and ask, if not then I’d take a trip in to get seen.

You need to rest. Why would you be going to work with the flu, stay home it’s best for you and others you work around.


I’m going through the EXACT same thing. Lemon water through out the day and sunlight has helped a little. I just try to do everything in short burst. Rest often. With you working I can imagine it’s even harder :frowning: the lemon water has made a huge difference though, make sure you’re taking your vitamins

Natural foods high in vitamin B12 & C

Probably could’ve used a flu shot, but it seems a little pointless now.

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Since your pregnant don’t do or take any medication until you see a Doctor. You definitely need to see a Doctor to make sure the flu is not affecting the fetus.


Organic honey is a natural antibiotic. It worked for me in two days.

Prayers you feel better

Vitamin C & Zinc fluids like citrus, sprite, I used a lot of vicks vapor rub. Rest… Sorry it’s miserable being pregnant.

2 cups tang
1 cup instant tea
1 cup of sugar*
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

This is the basic recipe. It can be modified depending on who/what you’re taking it for. We keep this tea concoction made and drink for congestion, sore throat, chest tightness, etc. Add more cayenne and you can sweat a fever faster.

*You can always sweeten to taste with either sugar or honey

ask your doctor about vitamin d

Go to the doctor. You’re limited as to what you can take. It’s safe to get a medicine that’s perscibed that your able to take while pregnant. Also… You shouldn’t be going to work while having the flu. So go to the doctor and get a note. More than likely you’ll be out for 4-5 days. Don’t risk getting other people sick.

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I had to yell at my doctor to get me something strong enough to take care of my illness because I couldn’t sleep and was delirious after 3 days! Hope you feel better soon. :purple_heart:

Elderberry is amazing and all natural.

Doc and some warm tea or coffee can help with throat pain

Go see your doctor for a note for work. Also, liquify some jet puffed (marshmallow creme) and drink it little bits a time to coat the throat. Steam for the congestion. Tea with honey. Lots of soup.