What can I take for tooth pain while pregnant?

Q: has any pregnant women out there ever dealt with a bad tooth ache?? And if anything can be done about it??


Tylenol extra strength and orajel

Ice pack to the face!!! Helps so much.

Currently going thru this right now!! I’ve used ice packs, orajel, tylenol, and sore throat spray (I spray it in my mouth, swish it then spit it out)

I’ve had many tooth aches and abscesses while pregnant. Tylenol and antibiotics is the best you can do. Drinking cold soda worked pretty well for me, or a warm swish with salt water. Avoid chewing on the side that’s bothering you, and if you can, sleep through the pain.

Sugar in soda killed my mouth, ice cold milk works wonders also.

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I went to my dentist.

I would honestly go to your dentist. Oral health is extremely important for both mom and baby during pregnancy.


Clove oil! Stronger than orajel and all natural. Gargle/rinse your mouth with very salty water.

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Does cold or heat make it hurt worse?
If you drink a cold glass of ice water feel good or does it really make it ache.

Please go to the dentist! Oral health , especially while pregnant is extremely important. The pain could easily be from an infection in your gums. Your gums are already susceptible to infection just from the hormone changes in your body while pregnant.

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Dentist your suppose to go while pregnant!

Go to the dentist! Pregnancy destroyed my mouth! One thing that helped though is warm salt water rinses they help keep sensitivity down!

Yes I went to the dentist, infection in your mouth during pregnancy can cause preterm labor.

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You can have dentistry work done during pregnancy.
Use clove oil to help with the pain.

I had my tooth pulled while I was pregnant with my son.

Orajel. Salt rinses multiple times a day. A ice pack to the face. I heard letting a black tea bag sit in ur gums helps.

Clove oil works wonders. You should definitely make a doctors appointment though

My daughter had her tooth pulled during her pregnancy. They just needed a fax from her ob saying what meds they could use etc…

They pulled my tooth when I was pregnant.

Definitely go to the dentist. They can fix it or give you antibiotics

Clove oil and coconut oil mixture

I did, nothing really helped. I finally got it removed today.

I had to get one pulled while pregnant. They were very cautious about the baby but it was over soon. Pregnancy is so hard on teeth.

My dentist refused to do anything for my tooth because i was pregnant

I chewed on a raw garlic clove, not had a problem since and that was 6 months ago. Dentist will only temporary fill as it needs a crown, which can’t be done until baby arrives, otherwise dentist would’ve been the better option.

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