What can I use on my 18-month-old for mosquitos?

What do yall use on your 18 month olds to protect them from mosquitos tomorrow ?


Never tried it on my baby but I have used lemon juice on myself which worked wonders! Same with lemon scented lotion! They don’t like the citrusy lemon. Light a lemon grass candle tops

I use pure vanilla diluted with water in a spray bottle for the grandkids

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Peppermint essential oils

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Buzz patch mosquito repellent stickers is what i used ( amazon has em)

Lemongrass oil and peppermint oil and lavender oil. Mix it in a spray bottle with little oil and spray small amounts on baby. I used to spray more on the cloth that way it didn’t irritate the skin.

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Babyganics makes a natural insect repellent, that’s what I use on my child. Also those cheap spiral bracelets in the repellent area work great. They don’t even have to wear them, just kept close by.

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We’ve used both of the going on 7 yrs now and they work great

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Water with a little vanilla mixed in it. Completely safe, no chemicals at all, works great.

Creamy baby oil from the dollar tree