What can it mean to get one positive test and the rest negative?

Okay ladies I have had a period Jan 27th 2023 and I haven’t had one since and I have taken about 5 tests and only one came back positive after I did my blood test and that was negative I’m just lost for words my sister told me that she had this happen to her with my niece she said that the only way they found out is doing a ultrasound but my ob says that I’m not pregnant I’m just lost for words right now has anyone delt with this ?

I had that happen with my daughter and she is now almost 30. She also had it done with her son he will be 9. Three sets of blood work and ultra .

The blood test is the most accurate


False positive on that one test. I trust the dr and blood test.

If 4 more tests were negative I’d start to think that it wasn’t a positive. It was an evap line


I’ve had negative urine tests & blood tests, but I just knew. & when I pushed back they did finally do a ultrasound. I was 4months along. I said good thing I know my body and don’t drink or smoke.

Same happened to me with my now 21 year old daughter. I got multiple neg test with one positive as well as a negative blood test. I knew I was pregnant but with all the negatives I finally convinced myself I was wrong so I was really surprised when I was told by the doctor weeks later I was pregnant. Give it time for now and take another in about a week.

You are pregnant. Positive tests are never wrong. The same thing happened to me and I now have a two year old.

Hormones not strong enough to show on test yet ? I know someone that happened to

Go some where that does scans it will put your mind at rest