What can of learning app can I use for my toddler?

What kind of app can I use for a 2 and a half year old that isn’t talking all the way but wanna know what they are saying


I was iffy about speech Blubs but we tried it and my toddler seems to be doing better already. Before he would just stare but get frustrated because he couldn’t communicate what he wanted to us. We just started a couple weeks ago but he’s already catching on. :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean maybe you should spend more time with the the child to understand. My 3 year old has trouble speaking but you just have to pay attention. An app for a 2 year old is a horrible idea

Just read to them they will start talking


ummm unless he can read I dont think an app will help you. unless its some kind of picture thing that nonverbal children use. I wouldnt risk the kid being dependent on an app to speak if he can talk. You need to decipher it like the rest of us


My son got an Amazon kids tablet that he gets to play on for an hour or two a day. It has really helped him!

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Your kid will eventually learn how to talk, we all did! Just be patient, I know it’s frustrating. Read, read, read and talk to him/her like you would with an adult- lots of words, describe objects, actions, feelings, etc. The more you talk and read the better. And I would try to stay away from the screen as much as possible, that doesn’t help, it actually does the opposite(in the long run, it’s bad for brain and eye development). :heart:


Read bedtime stories every night and try ABC mouse together it’s fun play based learning through games and stuff

Songs are a great way to start learning. You can have them listen to them and then also sing to them as part of a routine each day. Also my daughter is 21 months and I got her this Huge set of magnetic letters and numbers for the fridge and she knows some of the sounds and identifies some of the letters. Also make a huge deal about it when your child does say something or attempts to imitate because it will reinforce them to keep saying it

Read to them.
And teach baby sign language! :slightly_smiling_face:

We started with Bimi Boo. The activities are really fun and uncomplicated for this age.

My son and I use Kahn Academy for kids, its free, its fun, and I get email updates on what he needs help on. Its educational and every so often it plays music for him to dance to so he’s not sitting still and glued to it.

Speech Blubs ; I came across it today.

We watch Ryan blues clues

Just talk to him/her

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My son didnt talk/babble much so at 18 months I had an early intervention assessment done for him and he received speech therapy. By 26 months he was beyond benchmark speech. At 3 years old he is now a chatterbox. Look into this service where you live. It is normally free or on a pay scale based off your income.

Both my boys have speech problems. They had speech therapy at school and at home. I was also told to talk to them all the time. Explain everything you are doing/going/ what you see.

ABC Mouse and Kiddopia!

Read to the child & interaction while playing and talking through play

My son likes to use Dave and Ava ABC’s, it’s really easy and he loves it.

Netflix and put on little baby bum. They sing nusery rhymes. My son learned a lot of the dances and a sings along to the songs as best he can. Hes 3. He also really enjoys word party.

Rv app studio
My little loves these apps

Blippi is a “YouTube star” and my 2 year old loves him! He’s learned so much from him; shapes, colors, abc’s, and so much more. He’s kind of corny but he’s definitely a hit at my house! Hope this helps💜


Blippi is great; my son loves him. It’s usually him at different play areas but he teaches colors, numbers etc. Has done episodes at the zoo and aquarium. Does episodes using tools… like a farm tractor and has fun songs… the horse song where u see horses and can see how to take care of them as well as a monster truck and garbage truck song. We even saw one where it went from the farm, to a factory, got loaded onto an 18 wheeler and went to the store. ABC mouse is good too but my son is more visual so Blippi is the clear winner.


ABC mouse has these alphabet videos and you only start with 3 and they have to watch them to earn tickets that will unlock the other videos… They had my son recognizing letters everywhere we went!!

Apps are great but reading, writing, art and communication is most of the tools they need. I used flash cards and read to my daughter all the time and cooking for math lessons. She learned so much.


We used an app called baby games. It is amazing it has flash cards of first words. My son loves watching the flash cards and copying what they are saying. It Waldo has baby ryhmes and musical instruments for them to play with

I taught my son basic sign language skills. He was not verbal till after age 3. He did great with the signs tho. More, please, eat, drink, potty, dad, mom …whatever words work for you


I use an app called khan academy kids. It’s free and really good. Works on all the skills a toddler needs

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Just talk to them. The more you talk to them, the more they learn and the easier it will be for you to understand what is being said to you. Oh, and don’t talk baby talk. Just talk normal so they know how the words really sound.


Speech blubs works pretty well but it is an app you pay for it’s not free

NO SCREEN replaces human interaction! Talk, sing, read, to each other… screens are the devil for young children!

Love all these comments who think using apps is so bad :joy: How is reading and writing different from a book than an app? It’s not. My kids cant learn for shit with ‘traditional’ ways. I did flash cards, workbooks, etc. Finally decided to use apps. I tried them all. My 2yo learned how to read the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc in just a few months. She actually paid attention. Using cards and books didnt help. She’d leave after 5 minutes.

Sign language and consistent repetition. No app needed. Your child is still developing! Provide real skills over apps.

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Is your toddler using a phone? That could be your first problem. Try reading out loud, singing songs, finger plays, puppet shows.


The best thing you can do is talk with your toddler. Read books, flash cards, drawing.


A manual app. Spend time with the child and teach them you don’t need an app.Sheer laziness.

Instead of an app why don’t you talk and play with your child.

I always used a toddlers photo dictionary and things I couldnt understand wr turned into a game of finding the word that fits the photo

There’s no app for this. Just talk to them.


Jumpstart is good for preschool age kids to

I always read to my daughter.

ABC Mouse is a good site

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Teach them baby sign language.

Yourself. Read to your child. Talk to your child.

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Starfalls.com was do good with mine it’s free also

I started with the colored play keys toy. They learned to say colors first then on to pictures of animals and food. They will learn to read when they start school but will do better if you start now with pictures and colors. That will get them talking.

Try talking to him. Read. Count. Play.
Don’t just put him in front of a screen however good. You can enjoy it together. .