What can we do to boost my husbands sperm count?

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, and we did one of the spermcheck fertility home test for men and it came back negative saying his sperm count wasn’t normal but that he could still father a child, it’s just lower than average. What can we do to boost his sperm count?


This is probably a question for a qualified doctor not Facebook doctors…they may need to do blood work to see if something isn’t right and to see what can be done to fix it


No alcohol, sex less often (every other day/every 2 days), eat a healthy diet, make an appt at dr.
Good luck!


My ex husbands count was low , he stopped smoking and let as much cold air get you his bits as possible , wore loose boxers . That’s the advice the doctor gave us ! Here I am 2 boys later lol good luck be patient it will happen xxx


Look at premama vitamins, they have male support also

I had my husband stop ALL energy drinks except an occasional Bang. Added a bit more red meat and fish to his diet. And he took ashwagandha and maca root (natural vitamins you can get at walmart.).
One of them helps naturally boost testosterone and the other one helps relieve stress and support absorption of natural body hormones.

He had cancer a couple years ago and the chemo meds they used are also used for testicular cancer. Our last/miracle baby is due September 28th

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Make sure he wears boxers, not tighty whiteys

They told my ex no more mountain dew, wear boxers to keep the boys cooler, and that his weed habit was making his swimmers sluggish.

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Check out fairhavenhealth.com

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Go to a real doctor and not drug store tests


My sister’s husband corrected the problem with orange juice

VITAMIN C!!! Increases sperm count by 92%

Go to a urologist. My husband was put on Clomid.

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You should go see a fertility specialist. There may be more going on. Those tests aren’t very accurate and don’t give explanations as to their results.

You should go and get yourselves both looked at by a professional. A home kit isn’t accurate.

Wait… what group am I in?


I knew someone who’s husband had low sperm count. They swore by fish oil supplements. Had 3 daughter’s.

The Arabs eat fish eggs works for them!