What can you do for carpel tunnel while pregnant?

Any mommas out there have carpal tunnel in pregnancy? I wear wrist splints every night but it doesn’t seem to help! They both just throb. Mainly in fingers. Anything i can do for relief other than splints or tylenol?


Fill a sink with ice water and submerge your hands and wrists for as long as you can take it; then warm them and repeat a few times - it helps relieve the inflammation

Ice and heat. Possible physical therapy. And just know, mine was the WORST and it all went away after giving birth.

I went to a chiro and it went away almost instantly! However I went after the pregnancy :disappointed: mine started during and got increasingly worse after I gave birth - I remember shaking out my arms during long nursing sessions. It started killing my back too! Chiro did wonders for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t find much relief during the pregnancy :disappointed: I hope you’re near the end!

I used splits and slept with my arms elevated on pillows.

I had it so bad with both pregnancies, nothing helped. I ended up taking Tylenol before bed, the last week of my pregnancy, so I wouldn’t wake up crying, put there was still pain

I am a massage therapist and was diagnosed (incorrectlybefore becoming an MT) with carpel tunnel. Turned out it was muscled in my neck and pecs causing the issues. When we get pregnant our blood volume increases a bunch as does the pressure on certain muscles with the changes in weight and balance. Go get a massage from someone who can show you how to stretch and this will be easier through your pregnancy and you will recover faster. You will also have a more comfortable time nursing (if you choose this) because you will know how to use your body differently. I lived with the symptoms for 17 years before learning this…so the good news is you can come back from this!

I had this for the last full two months. The ONLY think that worked was stand up drop your hands next to you let them dangle… then the pain went away for me… lasted about 40 minutes and I’d be up doing it again for two months! There were no other safe alternatives!

I have it in both hands, arms. I kept it after giving birth with all 3 of my pregnancies. Steroid shots may help you.
Surgery may also help.
Unfortunately I have it pretty severely. And nothing makes it better. Hot water gives me some relief.
Good luck!

I’ve tried everything jun worked. 3 if my fingers on each hand went numb it went away 2 months after he was born