What can you do for gallbladder stones?

Get it removed if possible! I had a few gallstone attacks & each was worse than the one before :confounded:


I’m dealing with same issues and terrified of surgery. Alkaline water helps me and cutting down on greasy food. I can’t help it though, most times I still eat them and when I feel like I may have the pain coming back, I drink alkaline water and it does help a bit. I’m sure it differs for different people.

Stay away from fatty foods


Stones can end up In your liver duct and cause infection even death… I’m surprised when you went to the er they didn’t schedule a removal. It’s only going to get worse. My wife had hers removed a couple months ago after being miss diagnosed numerous times.


I got my gull bladder removed as the pain was just getting worse each time i had an attack!!! But ive been suffering with IBS ever since😥 if you i could of found a different option i would of went with that!!!

Definitely get it removed, that’s the only way to completely get rid of the stones and pain


Organic apple cider vinegar it’s nasty but I mix a couple tablespoons with apple cranberry juice twice a day.
Fresh squeezed lemon and water too.
Stop eating red meat and fast food or anything deep fried.

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Take it out or you will be like me and almost die cause the stones built up and your GB goes gangrene.

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You have to get them removed they could travel to you bile I got very very sick had to emergency surgury


There is nothing to get rid of them naturally. Surgery is the only way.


Just have your gallbladder removed. Gallstones can cause lots of pain, pancreatitis and many other problems. Simple surgery, I had mine out


Get it removed because the stones can travel to the ducts to your liver. I had a friend who had to wait in intense pain for surgery because his liver was infected by a blockage. Don’t take a chance on damaging your liver.

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Wait till you have a real bad attack you will be glad to have out. Two small incisions that a bandaid covers. Home same day or next…

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Call your doctor. Generally they remove the gallbladder. There is a medication ursodiol, but it’s really only used if you can’t have surgery

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I had mine removed at 15 due to gallstones. Bland diet my ass. Do not wait to get it taken out.

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Nothing helped until it was removed and the recovery wasn’t that bad at all.

Mine almost ruptured. I can honestly say I’d rather give birth again…the pain was that bad.
The surgery was easy. Recovery time was brief. Seriously…talk to your doc about getting it removed. It’s worth it.


Had to have mine removed. Best of luck

Just get it removed. I went through 2 pregnancies with gallstones and was misdiagnosed. It was removed 9 weeks after a csection because there was no choice.

I have a gut diet program you can have.
Also have you changed your diet

Gallbladder stones or gallbladder attack? You could be experiencing both. Ask your doctor to have it removed. Gallbladder issues are hereditary in my family, waiting on mine to start acting up

6oz apple cider vinegar mixed with 6oz apple juice(not the treetop made from concentrate crap, real apple juice like Simply Apple). Chug it and then go sit on the toilet. You should see several things floating when you’re done that look like tony balls of fat whichever you flushed them out. It worked for me 13 years ago, I was told I needed surgery and I refused. That was my other option do I tried it. Does t hurt to try…otherwise you need to see a doctor and schedule surgery to have it removed asap.

If your doctor didnt recommend removing it get a new doctor asap and get it removed. I had to deal with mine failing for over a year bc nobody believed me at 16 that it was causing issues by the time it was finally out it was twice the normal size from being inflamed with stones & sludge inside too. The longer you wait the worst it’ll get I had a 2day notice before going into my surgery they waited that long and if it ruptures inside you its deadlier than when your appendix does

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Had to have mine removed.

Definitely get it removed before it gets worse. I had mine out in July. I had a scan done in March and it was just “sludge”. When they removed it in July if was full of stones, sludge, and had white puss streaks and growing an infection. The last 3 weeks I dropped 17 lbs because I couldn’t eat anything but crackers and drink Gatorade. It was AWFUL.

You don’t wanna keep your gallbladder if it’s got stones. The surgery is easy peasy. I had mine taken out a couple years ago.

Worst pain of my life I feel so much better with it out recovery wasn’t to bad…

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Gallstones are horrible, the pain sucks I started having pains just after having my daughter, pain/attacks started off slow here and there then eventually was happening everyday/night,I have been up many nights with pain in my front and back in tears…dealt with it for a year then finally went to Dr… and had surgery, it was a day surgery so was home later that night. Recovery was about 3 weeks…never experienced anymore pain thank goodness.this was 6 years ago

I had to have mine removed nothing else worked but if you choose to have it removed make sure you start taking Mary Ruth’s Lipase Protease Enzynes. This helps your digestive system digest food that you really can not after the gallbladder is removed.

Get it removed. I had gallstones and didn’t even know it. 2 months after having my second baby I stayed in pain and got to where I couldn’t sit up so ended up at the ER and was told I had pancreatitis from a gallstone falling out and blocking everything so I had to spend the night in the hospital for more tests and had to have my gallbladder removed a week or so later after getting my pancreas back to normal. I was terrified but it was a super easy surgery (my first ever surgery) and the recovery was fairly easy too considering they also fixed an umbilical hernia at the same time.

Because of Covid and insurance I had to wait close to 3 months. I have great recipes that help keep inflation and pain down.

GET it out like Now!! Pain only will get worse. I know for a fact that it will not get better. They can do it an easier way now. You get on your feet quickly.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy will save you…not so bad…the pain will only get worse…no natural remedies work as good as removing the gallbladder entirely.

I had mine removed in 2012. I didn’t have gallstones… I had gangrene in mine. I waited instead of doing a surgery right away… 8 months I was in pain. One day I could no longer take the pain… they did the surgery and it busted when they touched it. Doctor said if I would of waited any longer I would of died. It is nothing to mess with and only way to fix it is to get it removed

Please do remove it as quick as you can don’t waste time and wait because you don’t know how you might end up my mother almost died of it March 2019 and I’m telling you the pain gets so worse you will eventually look like death and it’s true the longer you wait the more in danger you are not everyone is so lucky so if you have kids and still want to be around then please don’t waste time

I was diagnosed with the same but now I’m wondering if it’s true since most here talk about immense pain. Can someone tell me what kind of pain is it? I’ve never had any pain of any sorts I went in for a ultrasound for something else and suddenly I have gallstones :woman_shrugging:t2:

Had mine removed two years ago after dealing with the pain for a year. I lost a lot of weight because eating anything made it hurt. It was a constant ache and then painful after any food. Soni started only eating dinner. During that year I also took small mout of apple cider vinegar but it never really seemed to help. Best advice is avoid foods ith fat( including dairy) avoid spicy food. And get it removed. I still deal with pain from time to time and still avoid fatty and spicy foods but it isn’t as bad now.

I remember that pain being like no other. I had my gallbladder removed after months of excruciating pain.

Super easy surgery! Up in 2 days

Super health diet. Only fresh foods I eat minimal packaged food and low carb. I have some bread but not much and stay away from white breads ect. All my pain stopped within 2 weeks

Stay away from any Fatty foods it will spike the pain, I was in and out of the hospital with gallstones my entire pregnancy so they couldn’t do much a month after my daughter was born I went back into the ER having another episode and went into emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder and had to have 2 different surgeries to remove all the stones.

Surgery. No need to suffer.

I had mine removed and have lost 100 pounds

It’s easier to have it removed. You can put it off but they always come back. That pain is not worth keeping it.
The surgery doesn’t even hurt that bad, I was up walking around a few hours post-op and I was even 2 weeks post partum when I had mine removed.

Absolutely no fat or it’s an instant trigger for an attack. You have to have it removed, no other way around it or excruciating pain and infections for life.

Get them taken out. There are two ways, both noninvasive procedures. Go to a GI doctor.

No proper way to cope until you have it removed, the worst episode I had, only gas and air and morphine controlled the pain. Quick and easy op by keyhole.Was so glad I had mine removed. No problems at all since.

I had to have surgery I had 7 and they were big as big as Greek olives…I would say try bland diet .did they do an ultrasound?

My only option was to remove the gallbladder - I was having major attacks that were lasting 30+ mins. Thankfully they considered it an emergency and I got it out within 2 weeks of my first ER visit. Only way to prevent it if they don’t think you need surgery is to google gallbladder diet and follow it to a T

Get surgery. I had to have it when I was 11. The pain gets so bad and it can cause infections in there. My stomach got infection because it got so bad.

Don’t wait, get surgery. Attacks/pain are awful! I was only 16 when I was having issues with mine I honestly thought I was dying lol. I had just had my daughter two months before and I would definitely go through labor all over again then deal with gallbladder problems!

Have your gallbladder removed before it becomes a life-threatening situation.

Please have them removed. My sister kept putting hers off and just dealing with the pain. A large stone completely blocked off her liver duct and nearly killed her. She jaundiced and ended up in the hospital anyway from her liver being blocked and starting to fail. Just go get your gallbladder out. Its a few small laproscopic incisions.

I had my gallbladder removed but still ended up with gallstones. It is possible that even having surgery won’t stop the pain. I still follow a very bland diet they should give you a list of what to avoid and it’s helped me tremendously.

Mines went away. You have to switch your oil you cook with and you need to eat less carbs. I eat high protein low carb most days. I use extra virgin olive oil to cook with. I’m too young to have it removed so instead I lost 103 pounds :slightly_smiling_face:

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