What can you do for gallbladder stones?

Has anyone suffered from gallbladder stones? Any tips on what to do or how to remove them naturally? I’ve already gone to the hospital to get checked because the pain got bad a couple of weeks back. Dr recommended a bland diet (following). The pain slowly started going away after starting the diet. But it does come back every now & then. If anyone has some useful tips, I would gladly appreciate it!!!


Stay away from fried foods and alcohol, fast food . Once in awhile it’s ok just don’t over do it .

I had my gallbladder removed a few days after they were found on an x-ray. I also saw two people prolong getting surgery. One spent a week in the hospital and didn’t return to work for a month, she had an infection and the other woman died. I don’t know that I would consider anything else than getting it removed IMO.


You have to stick to eating the right diet for gallbladder stones.
No fatty, or sugary foods.
Pinterest has lots of charts as well as Google to see what foods you can eat and what to avoid.

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I had mine removed 11 days after my daughter was born. The recovery was horrible, but I’m so glad it’s gone. Something to consider

I had to change my diet. Basically no fried food. I also eat a apple everyday

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Surgery to remove the gallbladder. My husband got a gallstone “stuck” in the common bile duct this past year and it almost killed him. He became too sick for surgery, if you can imagine that. Finally had his gallbladder out 6 months later. Get it taken care of before you get real sick or have too much pain.


Apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice. My bf just had one 1 centimeter in diameter. Until he could get into surgery, that helped ALOT

Get it removed I was throwing up blood

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stick to a bland diet no fatty or fried foods but get it removed. its much better and safer that way

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Your liver creates gal and your gallbladder holds it. Gal helps your liver break down fats. If there is too much fat it will produce more gal and in turn creates gallstones. Even gal sludge is a thing and very dangerous if it clogs into the passageway between your liver and gallbladder. However I would suggest getting a food allergy test done. My pain episodes were triggered when I’d drink milk, eat cheese, or fried eggs. Also certain spices would trigger it too or any time I’d eat fried fatty and processed food. It truly depends on your diet.


I had my gallbladder removed Tuesday & I’m still miserable. Prayers for you.

I had a rather large one stuck, I was in so much pain. Dr came to the house, saw me into the ambulance and I had surgery later that day. Was home the following day and had the rest of the week off work. Good luck and try to get ot removed ASAP. Apparently the “attacks” get worse each time.

Drinking apple juice really helped mine

Get the whole organ removed . Only thing that helped me. Been a little over a year and it’s incredible not to have attacks anymore

I extreme gallbladder attacks with my 2nd pregnancy, but they could never figure out what it was. I ended up finding out I was pregnant with my 3rd when I went to the hospital with the same pain. During that pregnancy, I ended up getting a stone stuck I’m my bile duct, Wich had to be surgically removed. It got worse, and eventually I got my gallbladder removed after that pregnancy. I still can’t really eat fast food, I have trouble with bacon, and certain other things, but over all it’s much better now! The only things I noticed to actually help much was taking apple cider vinegar ( I mix with grape juice beacuse I’m a sissy and hate it), mint tea, and heat! The apple cider and heat are the best! But mint tea helped some too

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Having it removed is the only way to get rid the pain completely. I had stones stuck and luckily was caught early enough that I had no lasting complications. If a stone does get stuck you have to have it removed anyway so if you can get it done sooner rather than later I would.

What’s the best safe diet. I have stones & my effraction rate is only 11%.

Get rid of that gallbladder! Walking around, never knowing when it’s going to flair up is agonizing.

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Had my gallbladder removed because of stones

I had gallstones but had surgery for them. You can follow a very strict diet to try and prevent them. No dairy, no meats (expert turkey), no caffeine, no chocolate and only food very low in fat and cholesterol. But even when following this you can still have an attack. Also if you have an attack that lasts longer than 12 hours you should be checked because one could have went to your pancreas and that can be life threatening

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I had mine removed when I was 15. Kept getting super sick, headache and to the point I’d just dry heave. my lips would turn purple and my face would go white. Spent 8 hrs in the Er and finally found out what it was. Had surgery a week or two later.

Get the whole gulbladder removed cause if not they will continue to come back

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Eat green apples, drink beet juice or eat beets…it will enable you to pass the gall stones. This nutritional information came from a holistic Dr. You will have to make dietary changes or it happen again and again. However, if you do not feel or seem an improvement with in a few days, seek medical attention.

Get it removed asap!!! Husband almost died from the stones getting stuck, turning infected and ultimately getting infection into his blood stream.

if your doc(this doc whatever) won’t take it out get a 2nd opinion if the stones are still there your gallbladder shouod be removed my sister had a horrible infection becaise she just did the bland diet n was hospitalized for 3 months. some things can NOT be dealt with naturally

sepsis was the infection sorry forgot to add tht

Surgery it was a piece of cake no pain after

Get it removed. I will only get worse and worse

My BF had large stones that went undetected ( mainly because the drs never looked) , he would be in so mich pain that it would keep him up at night and he would vomit all the time, I ended up calling one of my friends who is a nurse and she told me to tell the dr to check the gallbladder so at his next drs appt i went into mom mode 1. Because i love him and 2 because of lack of sleep carring for him lol, they did an ultrasound and then he got wisked away into emergency surgery to have the whole thing removed they where amazed with the size of his stones it didn’t burst and that would have killed him. He has noticed that after getting it removed no matter what he does he always feels bloated and is having trouble losing weight but not sure if that is just a coincidence or not.

Take it out, you wont regret it.

I had severe attack when my son was born The Drs told me Do Not get pregnant I did 5 more times and suffered greatly I had it removed and have been ever since and that was 50 years ago

Had gall stones. Had gall bladder removed laprascopically 2 days after Christmas last year. Quick recovery. What a relief!

In my family my Nanna had hers removed many many moons ago, I had mine out 18 years ago, my daughter (14) and my brother (39) both had theirs out this year!
I would just get it out, save yourself the pain even if it is every now and then :blush:

Get gallbladder removed. It will just get worse overtime. They did mine laparoscic, recovery about 3 weeks. Slowly introduce food back. I was so sick. lost 15 pounds from a Friday till Tuesday. Had surgery on Wednesday.

If you dont get them removed they can get infected and turn sepsis and you could die

I had gall stones and put it off because of pregnancy then ended up jaundice because stone was blocking liver duct. Had emergency surgery. Be careful whatever you do. Watch for signs of infection or jaundice.

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Have them removed it is easer than pain comming back bunch times you need dr not f/b

I had mine out in 2015 cause of gallstones I was admitted in the hospital the day they found them.

Yes I have a recommendation if you want more information just inbox me… But I personally had gallstones and was having episodes periodicallymy doctor told me that I needed to have surgery… I didn’t want to do surgery so I tried drinking bentonite clay… Bentonite clay removes the impurities in your body… It is something that you can put on your skin and it will detox you but since I was having an internal problem I thought it might help to drink it … I researched and found it is about to be injested… I drank it for about three days straight and after that once a month but I think I only did it for maybe one one or two months at the most … I have not done this on a regular basis at all… I tell you that I have not had an episode in 2 years at all and I eat exactly the same

I am no medical doctor I have read that it is extremely good at detoxing your system so when you drink it it’s looking for any types of heavy metals toxic or toxins that are in your bloodstream… If you’re taking medication you should consult your doctor… I’m not on any medication at all but when I tell you the pain that I used to experience with gallstone I’m sure is worse than childbirth I’ve never birthed the child but to me that’s the only thing I can compare it to after I took this I have not had any more problems with my gallstones now I’m not going to say that I don’t have gallstones anymore I probably do because I eat the same but I really believe this made a significant difference and no I have not had surgery

I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago. There’s no way to get rid of the stones, they just get bigger.

Also I discovered when I am experiencing the pain from the gallstones because I ate too much butter or anything that aggravated it… The only thing that helped me in that moment was a t teaspoon of activated charcoal in some water and drink it… It would cause me to to vomit up whatever was causing the irritation and provide some form of relief from the pain it is the only thing that worked for me… I got to the point before I learned about the bentonite clay I would carry activated charcoal with me when I knew I was going to be away from home eating just in case I had a flare-up

Get it removed. I had to have mine removed a month after I had my last kid

You have to get ur gallbladder removed thats the only way. I had one gallstone that got stuck between my gallbadder and the outter wall. I got a very bad infection the gallstone was rubbing against my gallbladder. Worse pain of my life. I was in the hospital for a week with iv antibiotics. I even started having liver issues to.

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Get the gallbladder removed I had to have mine done in 92 did it laprascopoly a week recovery

I had one that was half an inch wide and needed it removed

They can remove through small incisions not like yrs.ago. You will have gas pains but easier than the large incision and tube in your nose for a few days.

I had one gallbladder “attack”…that is all it took. Had it removed fairly quickly after that!!

If you’ve got gallstones you are going to need to get your gallbladder removed at some point and a low fat diet as the fat binds to the gallstones x

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My gallbladder attacks hurt worse than birthing my two children. It was no joke!! Getting it out was the best thing.


I had mine removed as they got to big and almost died

I had excruciating pain and went to urgent care and after 5hrs and an MRI I was admitted and had surgery the next day. Literally I’m glad I had it done when I did bc it was right b4 covid hit and they cancelled all surgerys.

I had to get my gallbladder emergency taken out 4 days Pp. they told me all the risks of doing it of course cause my body had just went through a big change with delivery. But I still went through to take it out cause it was so painful just waiting 4 days to be rushed in to take it out. I am not kidding when I say I could not breathe or move when the pain would hit. I was driving back home one day from the store I blackout with the pain pulled over and I had to call to get taken in. I was rushed to the X-ray center and then within 30 minutes I was being rushed to the surgery room. It’s now been almost 2 years since I had it taken out and I feel great after surgery there was 2 times that I would get the same pain I consulted with the dr who did the surgery said it was completely normal my body was just in shock still with just delivery days prior to undergoing surgery, he just advised to stay away from greasy foods and having better eating habits.!

I had mine removed45 yrs ago the old way and a week in hospital and 6 weeks off work. The first attack came when I was 4 months pregnant and didn’t find out it wss gallstones until I had the baby. Before I could get it out,I was pregnant again. Along the years,the stones got bigger and wasn’t getting hung in the duct when bile flushed to break up fats in foods. I got up one morning and run my hand down my side and the pain was super bad along with a swollen side. I was in drs office the next day and in hospital the next week. It is dangerous to fool around with this. My advice is get a good surgeon. My friend had it done 3 small incisions and 5 days back to work. Easy and safe. Yes the pain is worse than birth pain.

The only was is have them removed. They will go away for a while but will keep coming back until you have them removed. I fought mine for three years till had surgery.

Remove the gallbladder

I eventually had mine removed. But I stayed away from fast food cuz of the grease, and all my water I drank was lemon water because thats supposed to help

Honestly get them removed, the after surgery pain is minimal compared to repeated gall attacks.


from what I was told once you pass one you can get a back infection. I passed one it felt like a monster was eating me from one side to the other I spike a very high fever. In hospital over night and surgery 2 days later.

Also If it the pain keeps coming back make sure it’s not your gaul bladder

Surgery is the only answer

Pain will always be there unless you get the whole thing removed

Peppermint tea Heat and Apple Cider vinegar is what they told us plus stay away from diary .

Surgery? I’d get them removed.

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My husband had them . No fun . I hope you feel better .

I had my galbladder out in the end of june and i was fine but the bsthroom will be ur best friend. Everything i eat or drinks runs right threw me. And the gas pain in ur belly hurts. Not trying to scare you

Avoid dairy and pork products. They can make it flair. Drink apple juice or take flak seed. I have stones not serious enough for surgery and this has helped. Also im a nurse so it’s not just quack stuff. Follow up with your Dr if it continues or gets worse.

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When my mom went to Indy hospital they gave her mineral oil when she was having what they called attack it eased the pain

Surgery is the only thing to absolutely fix it… but I sipped warm coke during rough times while waiting for surgery


Surgery is the way to go. It’s simple and fast. This procedure is done every single day. You’ll be in and out in a heartbeat.

My husband took this and apple cider pills. He wasn’t even able to urinate. By the 2nd day he passed the stone. No need of surgery. Hope you feel better.

Coming from someone whose had my gallbladder taken out, just get it removed. The gallstones going are painful and the diet is a lifelong thing that only prevents them 4 so long. Eventually itll have 2 come out anyway and u dont really need the organ. I just can’t really handle spicy or greasy foods anymore


Could you have sergery. My husband had that problem it got worse the doctor said it was about worse he had ever seen.I don’t think there is a diet that help.

Eventually, wether you want it or not, you will require surgery. Lay off pork products, avoid black olives. Try apple juice or orange juice. I had mine removed in 2012. Some really not so fun side effects just before surgery.

Warm lemon water will help during a attack

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Surgery. I had the worse pain for over 6 months, didn’t matter what I ate, as meal, soup, dry toast or crackers, flat ginger ale, plain salad. No clue what was wrong with me, finally went to gp and I was sent for ultrasound. The next morning I had a call from a specialist telling me to go directly to her office and was told they were going emergency surgery, I said no, I canny, I’m going on holidays on Sunday. Argued with her and my Ma, went on holidays came back three weeks later, and had surgery two days later. Don’t wait like I did.


I had gallstones and one was lodged in my bile duct. I recommend surgery to have it removed because anything at any point and time can go sideways. I was ok after the initial first horrific dose of pain…went to work ended up admitted in the hospital from work because i was crippled over in pain.


Go on a fruit, vegetable and water diet. Make sure to avoid anything fatty or dairy. (You will probably feel like you are starving!) Any pain will completely stop… If you do have the surgery, unfortunately the bathroom will probably become your best friend. You will learn what foods trigger your stomach!

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Worst pain I have ever had!!! Get it out.


I had my gallbladder removed due to living with the pain. I entered the hospital at 7:30 in the morning and was home sitting on my sofa at 5PM, piece of cake.

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I got gallstones after I had my daughter. I changed my diet, listened to ALL the home remedies and nothing worked. I had to get my gallbladder removed. It’s not a bad surgery.

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Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar works great

just get them out u wont have to watch what u eat after its fairly easy op now

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When I had my gall bladder removed it was before key hole surgery, I’m a nurse, you know we make bad patients! It was a major operation and I was ill for weeks after with an infection in the wound. Thank goodness for the new technique. They just ‘pinch’ the gall bladder pouch and lift it out…simple. so no need to be nervous of a cholecystectomy anymore. Hooray.:rofl::rofl:

Get it taken out! The pain of gallstones was horrendous, I got my gallbladder removed in 2015, in and out the same day xx

I’d honestly just get it removed. That way you won’t have to worry about a bland diet or the gallbladder attacks.

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I had them BAD. I said I would rather give birth naturally then ever have to feel that pain lol. I had mine removed 3 months after my first daughter was born. Nothing I did helped it and the “attacks” came on more often and worse every time.

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greasy food triggers the attacks i had it whole time i was pregnant doctors thought it was preterm labor it was after i gave birth they figured it out literally left hospital for my son it got infected was back a few days later having surgery to remove it the attacks are excruciating and debilitating just get it removed if possible

I would agree the best recourse is having it removed.

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I suffered for 10 months and they only got worse. Diet helps but isn’t a cure. I went to the ER a week before my scheduled surgery to have it removed because a stone got stuck and the pain did not go away and it had to come out

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They gave me a medicine to take for awhile before removing mine. By the time they took it out milk made me sick.

Surgery is the only option. It’s an outpatient procedure. Once they block you can become very sick and hospitalized.

The very first time I had gallbladder stones, I decided it sucked and had the whole organ removed. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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I’ve had the same problem off and on for ten years. I haven’t had an attack in a few years. But stay away from greasy foods, and definitely stay away from chocolate. That always triggered mine.

I had to have mine removed 4 months ago cause “bland diet” where i live was never gunna really happen i just ate little of everything instead of bland i was told it was surgery or bland and medicine and im bad at takin medicine everyday so i opted for surgery

Get it REMOVED asap before it gets worse


Get your gallbladder removed

I had mine whole gallbladder removed didn’t even realize I had the stones but they were found while I was pregnant then they removed them and my gall after I had my son but ever since then my tummy still acts up when I eat greasy or spicy food

don’t they have a way to break them up with ultra sound or sound waves where they submerge you in water and blast sound waves ?

My mom has this problem but due to other health issues can’t have hers removed. She too is told to have a bland diet and also takes medicine, she’s lived off of icedtea for as long as I can remember and although she won’t stop she is supposed to stop drinking sugary drinks like tea and soda. When hers acts up all she can do is take a bunch of tylenol and hope it goes away soon. If you’re able I would suggest having yours removed. I watch the pain my mom goes through almost every 3 months if not more often and I wish she could have hers removed but her heart isn’t strong enough.