What can you do for headaches in late pregnancy?

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and have had the worst headaches for about three weeks now, and they seem to only be getting worse. My blood pressure is a little elevated, but I have seen the doctor for it. And they suggested Tylenol p.m., but it only seems to help for about an hour. Does anybody have any at-home remedies or suggestions?

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Rubbing alcohol works if u rub it on ur temples

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Soak your feet in hot water and put something cold (ice pack, frozen veggies) on the back of your neck

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I went thru that and ended up in emergency room 3 times they gave me “migraine “ cocktail one medicine was Benadryl and that helped finally

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I started seeing a chiropractor about 6 months in until I delivered and it helped so much

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Dark room with a wet towel over your eyes. Lay down, drink lots of water. But make sure you’re communicating with your doctor, headaches can be a serious sign!

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take tylenol, that is what my doc let me do, but check

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A chiropractor is definitely a blessing the last 3 months of pregnancy, and full body massages also. Get some tention off, good luck mamma!

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I thought it was no big deal until it was and I had to be induced at just over 37 weeks. Speak up for yourself and tell them it’s not getting any better. Your far enough along that baby maybe small but still healthy.

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Tylenol and Benadryl together and drink 16oz of water with it. Then go lay down.

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I had headaches and went to the doctor. My bp was 170/100. They induced me at 36 weeks after not being able to regulate it.

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Please contact your dr and let them know Tylenol is not relieving them and ask for pre-e labs to be drawn.


Peppermint oil! Should be mixed with a carrier oil, you can apply to base of your neck/ head and to the temple area- be careful to not get into your eyes!

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I had that with my pregnancy putting ice on the back of my neck helped me out

Cool baths in a darkish bathroom if you can … always have someone there to help

I was told only regular Tylenol when prego… I was diagnosed with preeclampsia with my last pregnancy ( had her just little over week ago at 37 weeks because of it) high blood pressure and headaches and swelling and protein in urine are signs. Good luck your almost there!

You might want to check your blood pressure and also have you talked to your doc ? I had preeclampsia and that caused me to have horrible migraines.

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Severe headaches and elevated BP is two of the main signs of preeclampsia ! That can be very dangerous for you and baby as it can lead to seizures. This happened to me and I ended up being induced 3 weeks early for mine and my babies safety. Please advocate for yourself.

Make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty if water and use tylenol. You could even try drinking a caffeinated beverage. Caffeine can alleviate headaches as well and, in small amounts, is safe during pregnancy.

Stay hydrated. I found out headaches can be caused by being dehydrated.

I had this issue too. Drink plenty of water. Stay away from sugary drinks. Massage therapy and chiropractor visits help a lot. Take Tylenol. A nice cold cloth on the back of my neck helped a lot too

Ice packs on back of head and wet wash cloth or ice pack over eyes and forehead

They say rubbing your big toe ,it could work

Drinking water can help some.

Have you tried sinus and allergy meds???

BP meds will help, if that is the cause. Massage, chiropractic as well

You need tell doctor again I was same way they end up keeping me and took baby early it was for the best

Please go see another doctor.

I am 37 weeks. I can’t take tylonal. But when my blood pressure goes up a bit I tend to get headaches. I make sure to drink extra water. I sit in the sun for a short period and I have something with a little bit of caffeine and that tends to help

I wouldn’t take just anything or follow the advice of someone that isn’t a physician. If your BP is elevated, the best things to do is lay down and rest…more movement will keep your blood pumping and it could become dangerous at that point.

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Turmeric is a great natural anti inflammatory I use it all the time as I can’t take anything else that’s supposed to help.

If you dont have a blood pressure meter, you might want to purchase one. BP can change during the day and during your pregnancy.

Vicks vapor rub to the forehead lay down in quiet cool dark room.

Try and drink more water , maybe colder and icy. Drink slowly but drink more

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Rhodiola Rosea

Tylenol extra strength 500mg

Caffein pills or try a coke and a chocolate bar

Drink lots of water

You can take up to 1000 mg a day

Hot washcloth across forehead

Stop and get to the hospital! Those are signs of PRE ECLAMPSIA! I had those exact symptoms for two of my babies. Its not fun and can cost you your life.


You may be getting preeclampsia. Insist they do a urine test and look for protein in it. However I had preeclampsia and had no protein in my urine, but I had a horrible headache and was swelling in my feet and hands. The dr kept acting like it was nothing and my son and I almost died when my Aunt took me and insisted I be admitted and something done. Praying for you and your baby. I would insist on something being done and maybe they need to induce you. Your blood pressure could go through the roof and it’s extremely dangerous.


Feet in warm water with ice pack on your head. Also Gatorade or pedialyte, i had TEREIBLE headaches when i was dehydrated. You also need to keep an eye on your blood pressure at home because high blood pressure and a headache (especially one that doesn’t go away) is a big red flag for pre-eclampsia.


I think Allison is right and you should be in hospital and on bed rest at this point. Don’t take any chances , sometimes you need to take some drama to the Doctor to get what you need


Don’t take no for an answer when you go to the ER. There is another thing it could be which is called HELLP syndrome which is pre-eclampsia plus, and can damage your kidneys and liver. They need to deliver the baby ASAP.

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A good quality peppermint essential oil can help on the temples, forehead and back of the neck… Or a drop or 2 of lavender essential oil on a cool flannel on the forehead. Also make sure you have drank enough water as dehydration can be a cause. Maybe also ask your partner to massage your neck and shoulders as some headaches stem from tension.


get to an er. it could be preeclampsia or it could be a brain bleed. they happen more often in pregnancy that people like to think.

Headaches are a big warning sign of preeclampsia. Be very careful…this is very dangerous to you and baby. I almost lost my niece and best friend because drs didnt take her headache seriously.


Try some caffeine. A little caffeine isn’t bad. It’s the only thing that helped my headaches when I was pregnant

Please go to your doctor again. INSIST on getting tested. Home remedies are not for times like this. Don’t put your baby, and yourself, at risk.

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Drink a little Pedialyte or a few ounces of pickle juice every morning… and again before bed if needed. Your body is just a bit over stressed right now. If you can find a comfortable craft to work on 20 minutes a day… even coloring… it could reset your entire body and mind to get you through the rest of the day. Congrats!!

My obgyn during the last pregnancy i got them also she me to eat raw spinach in with a salad. And while taking a bath put sliced cucumbers on your eyes. I also had preeclampsia

Ice pack on the back of your neck, lying down in a dark room with 2 Tylenol extra strength

Go to the emergency room ASAP better to be safe than sorry. It could develope into an anurism (sorry spelling)

Ive had migraines for years…Try rubbing Vicks on your forehead and temples and alittle on back of your neck😉

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Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eye, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and have someone massage the knuckles of each hand by rubbing with their thumbs. Do one hand and then the other.

The headache could be from the elevated blood pressure you may want to talk to your dr about having the baby now


Go to the hospital/ER. Bad headaches like that can be Pre eclampsia and can be deadly. Especially if your blood pressure is high… better to be safe!!

talk to dr again and try pedalite when I have a headache it is usally missing a mineral

Go to your room remove all stimulation put something over your eyes and lay comfortable for about an hour.

I would go to the ER …I almost lost my DIL and Grandson because of preeclampsia

Johnson’s lavendar baby wash, take a hot shower,not too hot being pregnant and ,let vapors permiate the air and inhale deeply try to do that for bout 15 minutes

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Preeclampsia perhaps. Rest get someone to take your blood pressure

Grandma’s remedy​:older_adult:, peel a potatoe, cut two thick :potato:slices, rub flat around the “temples”, face… Do this in a relaxing place, until you feel the pain go away, after that throw away the “used” potatoes​:hugs::bangbang:

More rest and see a physical therapist that’s what worked for me

Stick your feet in warm water and have a cold rag on your neck

Get your eyes checked. Mine got real bad at 35 weeks.

Please get checked af the hospital


Go online and check acupressure points for headache. It is on the palm near the thumb.

Peppermint oil on your temples may help


Peppermint essential oil on the temples it always helped me


Make sure you are checking your blood pressure!


I’d go to the doctor again and get checked for pre eclampsia.


I would call the doctor back. Now


Water if your dehydrated you will have a bad headache

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Coca Cola 100% and pop a tylenol

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Insist!! Get to the doctor and hospital!

Lavender and chamomile tea with honey

Fresh watermelon juice. I had to go to the chiropractor to get rid of mine.

Always get a second opinion!

Excedrin pm works best but check w/dr

Ice bag on back of neck.
Peppermint oil on temples rubbed in slowly.
Peppermint oil rubbed into base of neck right at the end of hairline.

Could also be your allergies!

Drink kratom Or try cbd

Try a cool washcloth on the front part of your throat.

Headache and you have increased blood pressure…get to the hospital! I walked in for my 37th week check up… headache and when they took my blood pressure they instantly laid me down and admitted for preclampsia! Was told I was really close to seizing, they had all sorts of things ready for me. I didn’t need anything…be very careful!

Take rice put in a sock tie it heat in microwave and put on your neck and take a water bottle frozen and hold on your forehead. Or check with ur doctor if u can have cinnamon tea!

Benadryl helps me typically. (They use Benadryl as one of the main ingredients for migraine cocktails at the hospital)

Peppermint oil on your temples just a dab

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Acupuncture or acupressure as well as a prenatal massage

Smack your husband🤣 lol…kidding🤣

Push the water I take

Put some peppermint oil on your temples.

Lay on your left side drink water and try melatonin

Could be a sign of preeclampsia . Please please force them to check you out . Tell them headaches is severe now

Yes go to ER then if everything checks out …this gonna sound a bit weird but…rub some Vicks vapor rub on temples and across upper forhead. Don’t get to close to eyes. Works in minutes

It can be the cheap dollar store brand too…