What can your 2 year olds do?

What are your two-year-olds like? How much are they talking, and what are their interests? Include age in months, please.


2 years 5 months. Talks 3-4 word sentences. Loves Elmo, balance bike, and just about anything big brother is doing.

My daughter is almost 3 (end of the month) for the last year she’s been obsessed w abc mouse on her tablet, she can count to 20 knows her colors, knows her abcs, she loves to sing nursery rhymes. She watches Clifford the big red dog on prime. She loves coloring and drawing, playing w babies and Barbies. She loves playing w her toy kitchen, like everyday :joy: if I eat one more plastic pizza or cup of toddler tea I’m gonna die :joy::joy: she plays w her trampoline. She’s potty trained during the day but we still don’t trust nights, she can drink out of a regular cup, and straw cup. Feed herself completely. She talks non stop! She’s into legos and loves being outside. Anything w a motor she wants on, lawn mower, quad, snowmobile. She even likes her electric scooter. The last 3 days have been nothing but her wanting to play our retro nintendo where she has finally made it to level 2 on tiny toons :joy::joy: shes mouthy af and tantrums are not fun…
it’s crazy how fast she went from 2-3 words to full on sentences and being able to voice her opinion and tattle on her 4 siblings :joy::joy:

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I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. He can say full sentences, knows all his colors, but sometimes confuses gray, and black. He can count to 10. He can tell people what he wants, unless he’s overly tired. It wasn’t until he got tubes put in his ears right after his 2nd birthday that he really started talking. He also started attending daycare about 4 months ago which has really helped bring him out of his shell. His big interest right now is dinosaurs, paw patrol, and loves to watch blippi. Blippi has taught him alot!

My daughter turned 2 in August, she is speaking in sentences. She is okay with her counting ( can count to 15 with help , 10 minimal help and 7 or 8 with no help ) shes okay with her colors she needs to work on that a bit and mostly potty trained. ( nap and bedtime are usually the only time she struggles )

My youngest will be 2 years old on the 3rd. He talks a bit, but he can’t really pronounce too much. Like his brother’s names are “On” and “Tin” But actually Austin and Tyson. So he really tries.

He is super into PJ masks right now. And his little people sets we got him for Christmas. He also LOVES Spiderman, which he calls “man” and does the action of spiderman swinging and shooting webs.

He dances, sings, smacks, plays, tries to count with me. He jumps around, eats on his own mostly. He can drink from a regular cup, but we try to keep him on sippy cups. He eats with a fork but has trouble with a spoon. But he LOVES finger food.

He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He tries to scare people because he thinks it’s hilarious. He loves his family a ton. We always get snuggles and hugs and kisses. He knows to be gentle with the dogs and cats.

29 months old. He loves baby shark. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do. He talks a lot. He learns 3-4 new words a day. He can count. He knows some sign language and Spanish as well.

2.5 yo daughter can count to 20, sing her alphabet, knows shapes abs colors, quotes all sorts of movies, working on potty training still, brushes teeth independently, plays with favorites like magnatiles, babies, barbies, tic tac toe, memory and Trouble are her fav games. She can talk very quickly and definitively - she uses words I didn’t know she knew (“Mom, you’re being irrational”). Goes to sleep easily and still naps 2 hours a day.

2yrs 5.5mo. He talks in 3-5 word sentences. Very high energy. Loves to understand how things work. Loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, cars of any kind, cooking (play kitchen and helping me cook), and helping me with household chores (loading washer/dryer, folding and putting away laundry, wiping and setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning windows/surfaces, etc. LOVES reading.

My daughter turned 2 last week on December 28. She loves trains, blocks, and her rocking horse and climbing toys, truck toys, and dolls. She got some balance toys for Christmas that she’s been playing with a lot, she also loves coloring and is starting to show some control with the crayons. She knows the names of the different colors and she knows her shapes. She is starting to learn some of the words of different songs and will finish the line once one of us starts it.

She likes to watch the Wiggles and sings and dances along with music, and playing with instruments/instrument toys. We’ve also been watching Disney movies with her and she can ask for specific ones by saying the character’s names (Lilo, Nemo, Moana, etc). She talks constantly and is making 3-5 word sentences. She can tell us when she is hungry, scared, has to go/has gone potty or when her teeth hurt. She points out things she thinks are funny or silly.

2 years 5 months… loves anything that moves! If it has a motor he wants a ride! He knows his colors shapes can count to 20… potty trained knows his alphabet… music is a must :joy: he likes to draw color (on everything :joy:) anything water related will keep him occupied! Knows all his body parts and can say full sentences… tantrums suck!! He loves food and cooking! Cleans up his own messes and keeps his toys up for the most part :grin: (now if my 10 yr old would follow suit :joy:) there’s not much he can’t do! Drinks out of a regular cup… even puts his clothes in the washer!

My son is 23 months old. He’s very vocal, knows lots of words. He has conversations with us now… responds accordingly questions. He still uses some sign language when he speaks, particularly if he asks for more. He’s very polite, typically… everything is please and thank you. He’s ridiculously smart. He’s also incredibly hyper, gets into and onto everything… he’s really into figuring out how to disassemble and reassemble everything. Lol. He’s very independent and gets frustrated when I try to do things for him unless he asks for help. He’s obsessed with music. He loves singing and dancing. He loves to immitate… especially his dad and big sister. He’s very silly. He’s also very dramatic.

But when he throws a temper tantrum, boy howdy watch out.

2 years 2 months. She is sassy and mean lol if I ask her to throw something away I get one of two responses with alot of sass. She says ok mommy allison can do that.l, be back all done I throw it away. Orr she says. No mom allison not throw away trash your mean and I go outside… que hands on hips and foot taps from a 2 year old

When my daughter was 2 she was talking non-stop, she knew about 80-100 words, she knew her colors at 2yrs 1month. She loved her rocking horse, 4wheeler, trampoline, coloring, hot wheels, her Minnie Mouse play kitchen. She’s 3 now.

2 years 4 months and she is sassy. She says no a lot. But she probably only says about 20 words and not sentences. She wasn’t breathing when she was born so shes been in therapy since 6 months old. Completely healthy besides some delays so she doesnt talk a whole lot. She does babble and she loves playing dinosaurs with her brother or playing with baby dolls.and horses in her room

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My daughter turned 2 in August. She can count to 12, recite her abc’s, knows all her colors, sings nursery rhymes, and is learning to sign her alphabet. She can sign about half the alphabet but can identify almost every letter signed. She can identify all of her letters and numbers and has started writing them herself. She loves cocomelon, little baby but, paw patrol, elmo, and spongebob.

Sing the alphabet, identify some colors and shapes, talks 3-4-word sentences, starts drawing random objects, curious about some household chores, put back toys after playing as she knows it will hurt her feet if she steps on them.

Milestones for 2-Year-Olds | Michigan Medicine and Cognitive and Social Skills to Expect From 18 to 36 Months and https://raisingchildren.net.au/toddlers/development/development-tracker-1-3-years/2-3-years

24 mo. Full vocabulary likes small dolls and puzzles

Son is 2. Doesnt talk much says maybe about 15 words. Has just started saying some of his abcs.

26 months. Talks a lot, has good vocab, uses proper context, but he’s still hard for others to understand sometimes. He runs, jumps, climbs, plays with his siblings,plays independently. He feeds himself using silverware. BUT - He also has five older siblings he is trying to catch up to and we all talk to him constantly.

Oliver- 2.5
Potty trained (besides poop which he refused to use the potty for)
Pretty wide vocabulary. Songs songs. Dances. Loves trucks. Tantrums are a thing of the past finally. Overcame his rage issues these past few months and has gotten way better at expressing his feelings.
Knows his a b c. Can count to 14. Still in the “whining” stage where instead of just asking, he whines for things…trying to get out of that. Sleeps like a champ at night. No naps during the day. Still on a sippy cup tho.

My kid is 2.5
Talks very well sentences and clearly
Does lots of imagination play.
Singing, running and climbing everything
Potty trained fully with little bit of accidents while he’s napping
Knows abc, shapes, colors and counts to 20
Currently showing him more spanish words
Knows body parts and animals too
Knows his age, identifies his name, and what country he’s from.
Does dots, sticks and just learned to draw circles on chalk board
Currently learning to be more gentle and is going through stage saying hes scared at times.
plays independently and with others fine but he tends to be a bit rough so i have to keep my eye
Naps about 1-2 hrs a day but will wake 1-2 times at night if he doesn’t feel his mommy around. He sleeps around 9-12 hr every 24 hrs
Has his day or 2 that he hardly eats but then he’ll eat whole meals and tell me he’s hungry 15 min after finishing a big meal. Has his bottle of milk 1-3 times a day of 7oz

Please don’t compare you child to others of the same age. They are individuals as we are. Take talking fir example, my oldest said nary a word until he was about 3, then one day he looked up at me while playing in his room and said “Close the door please” He is now retired and still very quiet. On the other hand I had a daughter that I swear to goodness came out of the womb talking! Same with walking, potty training or any other milestone. If you are truly concerned, speak with your son’s doctor. Be patient.


Son is 2.5
He has a very broad vocabulary and can speak full sentences. He still has his way of saying some things incorrectly but close to right. He knows his ABC’s, colors, shapes, can count to 20, and knows just about every nursery rhyme. Not 100% on potty training but very close. He definitely has his own personality. Obsessed with the color orange and construction vehicles. He sleeps in his own bed for nap and bedtime. Never had a “lovey” or pacifier.
Loves to help us cook and clean
Loves his friends at school
Doesn’t like milk but neither do I
I have a big boy too, he is over 38” tall and right at 40 lbs
LOVES to run, everywhere!
His show and video interests are changing. He used to be obsessed with blippi and now we are into paw patrol.

My weirdo 26mo girl is doing kindergarten work, can read at 1st grade level, but is still in bottles, diapers and not independently eating. Idk what the point of this is :rofl:

I learned a long time ago to not ever compare my child to another. We are all uniquely and individually created.


My 2 year old is on the spectrum and says 4 words :pleading_face:


Dont ever compair your child to another. Each and every single baby is different and beautiful in their own way. Some are faster then others and some are slower. One of my kids bairly crawled before they were running. :woman_shrugging: your baby is perfect and growing as he/she should.

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My son turned 3 in November but only has 3 words others can understand. He was potty trained at about 30 months (still has occasional nighttime accidents), feeds himself very well and gets dressed except some shirts. He just started Pre K to help his speech and we are going to specialists at the end of Jan to discuss Autism and get a hearing test.
If you’re concerned about your child’s development talk to your health centre. All children do develop at their own time but having things in place for early intervention doesn’t hurt.

My child turned two in October. He has a lot of medical conditions. He just started crawling and pulling him self to stand. Can only say momma and dada. He knows a couple of his signs we are teaching him. Every child is different. Everyone hits milestones at different times. :heart:

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Every kid is way different and if you’re looking to compare your kid to others not only is it unrealistic but unfair to your kid.


All kids grow and learn at different rates. :heart::heart:My 21 month old talks in sentences, knows all of his colors, is almost fully potty trained, knows how to do things independently like picking up his toys, throwing away trash, can get his own snacks and juices (I have them at his height level) is in the process of learning his ABC’s, and knows all of his body parts.

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I agree with the upper comment! If you have legitimate concerns about delay please talk to a pediatrician or other specialist! They will be able to help you know where your child should be and what you need to work on. Don’t compare kids to others because every kid develops differently! Learning the same lessons/going to school at the same time as every kid your age was an idea thought up in the industrial period and is long overdue for a change!

I work at a childcare facility in a room with 1.5 to 2.5 year olds and most start talking around 1.5-2 and by 2.5 speak in full sentences, can follow directions and listen when they want to. They are interested in books, bubbles, music, puzzles, blocks and start to play with each other close to 2.5 before that it’s more of parallel play.


All children are different & developed at different ages. Same for the likes & dislikes. The thing they are into will be just as varied as they are because they are all individual. My LB is 2year 9 months & is super advanced in certain areas & lags a little behind in other but mostly follows the curve of all the others his age. He’s in to dinosaurs & animals, especially sea creatures. He’s very out going & loves the out doors. My daughter is 18 months, she’s mostly average with her development. She isn’t quite as bright as my eldest but she’s far advanced in speech compared to where he was at that age. She hates the outdoors & is a total whinge monster lol. My children are like night & day in their differences & both have been raised the same, yet are so totally different that it’s shocking.


My son just turned 2 dec.10th
He can talk in full sentences, count to 10, picks up toys and puts them away. Knows all his colors and can go from the letter A to the leter M on the alphabet. He can get his own snacks and juice from the fridge. Sleeps along in his room all night long. He brushes his own teeth and is partially potty trained.and he knows how to unlock and lock the doors at home. He can also use the phone by touching pics on the screen he can call who he wants to talk to and he actually has a conversation with the person.

Every kid is different don’t base your kid on others. It’s not fair to them, if you are worried set up an appointment with you peidatrician.


My youngest is 28 months old. Hes talking up a storm and has been since he was a little older than 1. He can say everything we say and he can communicate perfectly fine and talk in sentences. He knows his ABC’s and can count to 10. Knows some of his colors and can clean up after his self ( when he wants to be good lol ). My middle son which is now 5 was the same way but my oldest son which is now 11 had to have speech therapy because at 2 he wouldnt talk. All kids are different but if you think something is going on then its best to talk to the doctor about it but please dont compare your child to another because everyone learns at a different pace and if you do then it could cause issues between you and your child later on in life and could cause all kinds of emotional damage and more to your child

Mine can count she knows colours she is super smart. You tel her something once and she remembers it. She loves playing outside, she’s 2 on Monday and she talks a lot she can speak sentences

Don’t stress too much about comparing. I’ve seen twins who were vastly different. I worry about my 2yo too but remember they can learn so much even in a day. As long as most milestones are met and doctors aren’t worried then u shouldn’t be either.

My son is 29 months. Hes starting to use his imagination a lot. He can do a lot himself now ie dressing. Loves to help and clean. Sometimes is picky and has an attitude. Loves to give hugs. Is amazing with tools and puzzles and art. Not a great talker but is getting there! Knows how to use the potty but won’t yet.

All kids are different. My son is 3, he didn’t start walking until closer to two, he didn’t get teeth until closer to two, he still isn’t fully talking yet and he isn’t potty trained yet.

I have 3 daughters. Each one was and is different at that age. My oldest was different than my 4 yr old now and my 4 yr old was different than her 2 yr old sister when they were that age. Its pretty amazing how different all children are.

My 23 month old only says a few words but she will do sign language with me and listens to directions, plays with dolls and does lots of things.
My son didn’t talk much until my husband left for a job out of state and then he started talking a lot around 2.5 in full sentences saying colors, counting you name it.
All kids learn at there own pace so it’s just one of those things.
Only thing my daughter has been slow on is her speech.


My 2 year old son is FEISTY! LOL. That said, he was born premature, and overcame insane odds. He is 2 years, 9 months old and speaks in sentences ( sometimes still a toss up of what he is saying but usually clear as a bell ), he likes to play in his kitchen and cook food, he can count to 5 unassisted ( English and French), knows most of his colors, working on his alphabet, knows a lot of animals at first sight, is almost potty trained, but gets distracted while playing easily so we still use pull ups. Starting to become more independent. Loves oranges, will flip like a gymnast doing a dismount if you peel it for him🤣. He is high energy, and sassy.

My daughter will be 4 on the 5th

My son is 2 years 6 months. He only says Dada. He babbles and screams as his former of communication. He loves cocomelon and Trolls. He is a happy kid he’s very smart he is also very observant, he just doesn’t speak. He was recently given a diagnosis of autism and has been in therapy for about 2 months.


First let me start off by saying im a pre school teacher and i teach older ones/ younger 2s they are all on their own pace i have younger ones that are ahead of my own daughter. Mine turned 2 Sept 3rd. She can count to six she knows some basic animals dog cat bear duck horse the sounds they make and a few more . She can color. She knows some pre school songs and the hand movements and trying to put scentances together it dont always make since but we know what she wants or what she is trying to say. I stayed home with her for 2 months so she was behind some but she has been in school for about 7 months now and she has picked up quick on things. Just work with them it takes time and patients lord the patients i have 9 of them every day and you have to figure out how they learn every child is different

It also depends alot on if they have older siblings and how much time you take teaching them things. My oldest walked late, got her teeth late and it was a fight to get her to do anything until she started head start. Then like over night she knew alot. Her little sister did everything early and was ahead of kids her same age when she started school. Every child is different.

I say “compare” away! Now I’m going to get bashed for this because people won’t read my full comment. As a first time mom I had NO CLUE what to expect so I asked lots of questions. Not to see if my kid was up to speed but just so I knew what to expect and what to work on. My son is pretty behind on a lot of stuff. Crawled at 9 months, walked just before 1 year, no teeth until 13 months, at 27 months now and finally understanding colors and shapes. Did I compare…sort of, but only to see what I should work with him on at different stages. Sort of like I made a checklist and once something was working we moved on to a new skill. I don’t care if he is working on skills much later than others but at least I have an idea of what to do.


My son is 18 months he uses sentences he loves to use a vaccum broom and art. He can count to 5 say his abcs with missing a few letters he knows animal sounds and a few animals. He knows 2 colors right now and can recignize abc for letters. He can sing wheels on the bus and a couple other songs not all the words tho he can sign to the songs but not all the signs

28 months. He can talk full clear sentences count knows his colours - he’s into cars trucks and paw patrol

My older 2 at his age were not talking at all. They did speech therapy at 2.5 and 3.5 (3yr old was a preemie).

Every child is different

My daughter is almost 2 and she Knows her whole entire outer anatomy every single color can count to 20 can spell BLIPPI Can sing the whole song of you are my sunshine knows a lot of her shapes even rhombus octagon and parallelogram she loves going on the potty but isn’t fully potty trained she knows what all the animals are and what sounds they make she can Talk in complete sentences knows exactly what she wants and will tell you how she feels and we are currently learning our planets and so much more she’s very advance I blame it on the Japanese genes though lol she started walking at 9.5 months and talking at 10 months

My son is 26 months, he talks a lot, some sentences, knows some sign language, knows all his letters/numbers/shapes/colors. He can count to 30, and identify letters out of order. He’s really active- jumping off everything :sweat_smile: he’s really into monster trucks and paw patrol

My son will be 2 next month and he’s pretty far behind tbh. He doesn’t walk yet or talk. Doesn’t really listen to directions. Doesn’t point/wave/blow kisses. His favorite things to do are watching Peppa pig and stacking rings. He’s currently in oral therapy because he has a gtube & we’re trying to get off it, he starts physical therapy later this month, and has an autism evaluation next month. It’s incredibly hard to not compare him to other kids but I also have to remember that most kids I compare him to haven’t been through a quarter of what he has. They’re all different.

23 months in a few days and my daughter has the speech of a 3-4 year old… she started talking at 8 months and just hasn’t stopped. We went from learning new words daily to now full blown conversations over the last few months. She still says some jibberish or her conversations are unclear as if her brain is working quicker than her mouth but she has always, always, always spoken in context. She knows her colours, body parts and can count up to and down from 3 (5 when she wants but 3 normally)

Her interests are dancing, horse riding, loves all animals, obsessed with Peppa Pig.

Mine is 22 months and he babbles a lot and has probably 150 words he can say but chooses not to most of the time he points and whines lol he is very rough and tumble wants to climb his cousins and the walls for that matter but he also loves to help he picks up toys and puts them in the box if he finds garbage he throws it in the trash can he loves music and dancing and is very intrigued by how things work


My daughter just turned 2 and she’s able to talk just as well as most adults, if she doesn’t know what something is she asks me “what’s that?” She knows most of her colors and numbers up to 10. She sings, dances and plays house, she can ride her balance bike and a scooter with a little assistance, she can put her shoes on by herself too

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Talk in full sentences potty trained shes at a 4 year old level pretty much

My daughter is 2.5. She can count to 20. Say the ABC’s, knows basic shapes, colors, can read numbers up to 10 and is getting better at sentences. She loves playing with her dollhouse and dolls, her dragons and dinosaurs, loves hey duggee and paw patrol and plays interactive games on the tablet. She has some basic “jobs” around the house like helping load the dishwasher, feeding the cat, helping water the garden and will take her plate and cup to the kitchen bench after each meal. She says please and thank you (most of the time :rofl:) and is very independent.

My son is 18 months and babbles a lot but doesn’t talk yet. He loves Hey duggee too and also sunny bunnies. He loves playing with blocks and balls and likes playing with the dollhouse as well.


My daughter will be 2 in March and she likes watching cartoons and playing with her toys and getting into everything that she is not supposed to along with throwing temper tantrums and she loves screaming. So needless to say she is a drama queen…

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28 months, talks in full sentences and very clear, loves to argue, swims all over the pool with just arm bands and can climb out by the side, knows his ABC’S and potty trained

We give so much personal information out…

My 2 year old is fully potty trained, helps me with cooking, dishes, cleaning. Helps keep his younger sister out of bad situations, speaks full sentences(some words are jumbled but he works to say them right) too be honest he can do anything my 6 year old step son can. He learns from watching mostly and the things he doesn’t quite understand I will show him exactly how while instructing him. He is now working on writing letters and numbers. I am a stay home mom and very hands on with my children. He also loves watching movies and empathizing with characters. He prefers non cartoon movies and loves all genres.

22mo. Ive heard him actually say like 15-20 words before…but he mostly doesn’t talk still other than babbling and yelling and grunting. Lol Kid is obsessed with cars and forks. Feeds himself completely. Very independent. Loves playing with his older sister. Tumbles and rolls all over the house all day long (with a hot wheel in one hand and a fork in the other) sleeps like a champ. Loves watching music videos. Officially 1 week binkie free. Santa brought him a potty chair but we haven’t really started yet. He likes stacking blocks and putting things in lines.

Don’t compare your child to others they all develop at different times. You’ll end up stressing yourself out and then projecting that onto your child.

Please dont compare your child to other children. All children develop & grow differently. Especially girls vs boys. If there is something you’re concerned about bring it up to your pediatrician at the next check up.

I have four kids. All of them are different. My 3rd born girl at age 2years she was of the nappies. Whereby my last born son is 2.6, he’s still wearing diapers, but he talks everything, even say a small prayer I have thought him recently, on his own now. My 1st born son couldn’t really talk at 2years. He said kommo, for bottle and gumpa for ice🙈. He’s so clever now at age 15. All kids are different

Every child is different…

My sons 2 and 4 months. His favorite activities include: talking alllll day if no ones paying attention yelling, demanding people read to him, eating everything in the house, jumping on the bed couch floor (everywhere but the trampoline) he also try’s to “help” clean and not napping. I have also started to potty train him. He likes pj masks (specifically gecko) Mickey Mouse chugington alf cars superhero’s chickens and puppies

My daughter is 17 months. She talks, puts short sentences together, can county to 10, knows colors and shapes. She knows how to pick put her pjs. Attempts to brush her own hair. She has started potty training herself. She tells me when she pees or poops ams will talk off her pants. She has been walking since 10 months. Knows how to throw things in the trash. She’s very smart.

They love learning and being outside at the park, on training wheel bike, big wheels. Library, painting, play dough, cooking, reading.