What car should I get?

I have to get a different car. My oldest SONshine has a terminal illness and his needs are changing. I need something that has 3 rows. I am going to need a used car and I’m completely lost. I don’t even know where to start because of all the years and models.


I love my chrysler aspen 3rd row, second row is captians seats and heated! Very comfy and a lot of room

I have a Honda pilot 3 rows a lot like an suv but gas is better my daughters autistic and gives us lots of space when she needs a break

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My daughter is special needs and I have a Chevy trailblazer. It’s 3 rows, third row folds down and it has room for her wheelchair and anything else we need for her

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Following cause I have 3 kids and one is special needs, and I need to get a new car soon :woman_facepalming:t2::weary:
I currently have a Mitsubishi outlander but need more space

We have a dodge grand caravan and love it. 3 rows and the 3rd row folds flat. I have 3 kids and currently have 2/3 of the 3rd row folded flat.