What causes a late period but negative tests?

I am now 19 days late. Negative after negative after negative test. I am taking folic acid as well. Etc. Are there any other mommas out there that didn’t get a positive till later? And how late? I’m scheduled for a blood test now, so I guess we will see. I’m hoping this is it for me. I got off the birth control patch three months ago as well. Regular periods showed on time every month—the last period May 15 for six days.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes a late period but negative tests?

My 7th pregnancy test came out positive the first 6 were negative

Get the blood test done. Make sure you’re taking the test first thing in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated. And try a digital.


I was the same all of a sudden my period stopped and all test were negative and July 2nd boom it came 🤦🤦🤦

I went a whole year without a period once due to stress


Stress, weight issues, hormonal/pcos, I’d go to the drs and get a blood test and follow up with it


Could be a hormone issue also


Stress and usually once a year I’ll skip a month it’s so weird

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PCOS can cause irregular periods.

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It could be stress. I literally JUST went two months without a cycle with my hubby hoping I was pregnant with#2. Dashed his hopes two weeks ago.

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With my first child I did not get a positive urine test until almost 20 weeks along. Get a blood test done so they can know for sure the cause is a baby and not something else going on. Good luck :blush:

get your prolactin checked.

My best friend didn’t test positive with any test till she was 12 weeks with her first. But stress, hormonal issues and such can also cause sevear delays

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Same thing happened to me and then when they did the blood test it came back positive. Good luck girl! :sparkles:

Stress, change in diet, also getting off your patch could result in a normal period at first but quickly change to irregular as your hormones readjust. Whenever I’m stressed or have weight loss/gain I end up being at least 2 to 3 weeks late on my period, if not more.


If you’ve had the covid jab that is causing people to have very late periods too xx


Sounds like an anovulation cycle. They are pretty common for someone who just came off BC just 2 cycles ago.

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If you’ve received a Pfizer vaccine, it could be linked.


Certain antibiotics can cause it to be late. And I also had Covid in May and mine was real late the next month.

Could just be hormonal changes depending on how long you were on the birth control.

Lack of sleep

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The older that I get, the more irregular my periods are. I can go anywhere from 34 day cycles to 50 or more day cycles, but I still get a period. There are really quite a few reasons why your period may be late. I’ve only ever had 1 positive pregnancy test in my life, and it was positive on the day of my missed period. Though I do know that everyone can be different. Those tests are meant to pick up specific hormones that show up in urine while pregnant, if no hormones are positive in urine, the test will obviously be negative. At 19 days late, it should be very boldly positive by now. So, there’s more than likely another reason for a late period.

Folic acid is synthetic folate you need to take real folate before and during pregnancy .
Try pre seed . Also try an ovulation app with ovulation tests to see when you’re actually ovulating

Probably the stress from trying for a baby xx

I’m 49 and my doctor said I’m not menopausal all my tests look fine but I wasn’t having a period none of last year till December when December came it was bad I literally couldn’t move but since then all I’ve been having is light spotting I had my tubes tied already and my doctor told me that my hormones was high and that’s why I wasn’t having one so it’s good to get checked out cuz it should be something but if you’re trying to have a baby I wish you luck

Literally anything could be the reason.

My first born… I tested neg multiple times until thanksgiving week. She was born jan 23.

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I was 4 months preg. Still had periods?

Thyroid problems can also be a factor .