What causes a late period but negative tests?

I am now 19 days late. Negative after negative after negative test. I am taking folic acid as well. Etc. Are there any other mommas out there that didn’t get a positive till later? And how late? I’m scheduled for a blood test now, so I guess we will see. I’m hoping this is it for me. I got off the birth control patch three months ago as well. Regular periods showed on time every month—the last period May 15 for six days.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes a late period but negative tests?

Samsies my home pregnancy tests read negative but I’ve missed a period and I’m super sensitive.

I measured 17 weeks 5 days before having a positive pregnancy test and going to a doctor. I was also on birth control and had none of the usual signs of being pregnant.

I was once over 30 days late with no explanation. I was actually TTC so I knew when I ovulated. Blood tests didn’t show anything, my period just showed up finally, 45 days after I ovulated, around day 60 of my cycle and it was totally normal and everything was normal after that too.

My best friends mother got consistent negative tests the whole way through her pregnancy. This was when they only did ultrasounds or sonograms for emergencies, and since the tests were negative they kept sending her home with constipation meds and other crap. She knew she was pregnant the whole time.

I took 6 weeks to get a positive on a test and blood test , no one could work out why but he was healthy etc

It could be stress or since the change in birth control, your body is still adjusting

My home pregnancy tests were negative but blood tests were positive for the first several weeks . . . My HcG levels just weren’t high enough to register on a home pregnancy test. They finally registered on an “early detection” home pregnancy test around 5-6 weeks (so 3 weeks after my missed period?). Unfortunately, they never really rose significantly enough to sustain a pregnancy and I miscarried towards the end of the 1st trimester but the HcG levels lingered at that level for a couple more weeks, even after the loss. In hindsight, I was angry I held out hope for so long and “wasted” 3 months on a non-viable pregnancy rather than losing the pregnancy immediately so I could just try again. Not the greatest mindset, but there were so many emotions involved when it was questions of “am I really pregnant or not?” I wanted it so badly that I kept hoping the doctors were wrong.

It might be a delayed reaction from stopping your birth control? I stopped mine and had normal periods until suddenly 4 months later my cycle went all wacky and I was super late but no pregnancy :woman_shrugging:

I didn’t get a positive urine with my daughter til I was 8 weeks

I was 8 weeks late for my cycle 1 time. I had 5 negative test I went to my GP and demanded an ultra sound because I was having all the classic signs of being pregnant and my tubes are tied so I know that if it’s not found early enough if it’s in a tube I can die but anyway long story short after a few blood test and an ultra sound we come to the conclusion that my hormones were out of wack my body had actually tricked itself into thinking I was pregnant. Mind you I was only 29 years old at the time I’m 30 now

It took me 6 months to have a period after stopping the patch. I actually had to go to the health department, and they gave me a pill to make me start because it just wasn’t happening. Could also be stress, or PCOS. It’s honestly a toss up of many different things it could be.

For the past 4 years, I stop menstruating from November to February. Doctor’s have no explanation.