What causes a late period but negative tests?

I am now 19 days late. Negative after negative after negative test. I am taking folic acid as well. Etc. Are there any other mommas out there that didn’t get a positive till later? And how late? I’m scheduled for a blood test now, so I guess we will see. I’m hoping this is it for me. I got off the birth control patch three months ago as well. Regular periods showed on time every month—the last period May 15 for six days.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes a late period but negative tests?

Stress, diet, activity level, sleep, medication, etc can all cause menstrual changes. Go to the doctor.

I didn’t have a positive with my first two pregnancies till they did blood tests

I was in a similar boat and didnt show positive until two months even tried the blood test

I had multiple negative tests. Blood and OTC. Took a month to get a positive test.

A lot of things can cause a late/missed period. Stress, illness, new or changed medication and weight loss or gain to name just a few. Getting a blood test is a good idea though.

New Exercise Routine
Sometimes your body just needs to reset it self and you’ll skip a period.


it may be possibly ur pregnant. something similar happened to me with my first child. I took probably ten pregnancy tests (all negative) before getting blood work done and bamb…I was pregnant after all…

I used to not get my period for months at a time :woman_shrugging:t2: that has been going on since middle school for me. Doctors could never tell me why lol I wasn’t pregnant until now, so that wasn’t the reason behind it. I’d go get a blood test done and bring it up to your doctor, there are a lot of things that can cause a missed period

I was 20 weeks before I popped positive on a test with my twins. I had already had a positive blood test and my first ultrasound before a pee test (including the hcg ones from the doctors) ever came up positive. With my singleton, I was like right at 4 weeks with a positive test.

Sometimes it takes a while to show up you better keep going back to the doctor and get checked get checked get checked

I had 2 negative blood tests and 6 negative pee tests. Wasn’t until I was 15 weeks along that i finally got a positive.

Took me a month to get the faintest positive on a 1$ test with my daughter. I conceived her right before my period. Still had a period but took a month to get a faint positive. My hcg levels were low for how far along I was.

I’ve been faithfully regular my entire life except obviously being late when pregnant which in more than one of those i had false negative results. Last cycle i was 15 days late then finally started and bled for 15 day. Dr said he assumes a cyst burst on my ovaries. Im now pushing 2 weeks late. I haven’t taken a test or anything but i definitely understand your concern. Im due to set up an appointment with him bit his clinic was closed today.

Ask. Your. Doc. This has also been asked on here numerous times.

I was 16 days late. My period was due 6/15 and I finally got it 7/1. Stress, diet, hormonal imbalance, age can all trigger late ( or early) periods. PCOS and fibroids can also cause late periods. Same with Birth control pills. I was consistent every month from age 13-17, missed my period for the summer( I stopped eating, only having a small salad for dinner), then I was pretty consistent until I was 19 when I went on birth control. Ended up having a 40 day cycle and wearing pads every single day because I never knew when I would start. It got to be a bit redundant. I stopped the birth control but was still inconsistent. Had an IUD inserted and 2 years later, had it removed due to complications. I went 2 months without a period, and my obgyn told me I might not have ovulated, which would cause a missed period. Have your thyroid checked as well.

A couple years ago I didn’t have a period for three months. I went and got my blood tested and it was still negative. They told me my super late period was due to high stress and I ended up finally getting a period after almost 4 months.

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Stress, diet, weight, birth control…wait and take a different one if you are sure you are pregnant


Go to a gynecologist. It could be a range of things.


Best thing to do is, is to get the bloods done and then go from there. Hopefully it’s a pregnancy just not showing in the test. (Possibly ovulated later then normal)
If not the doc can help you forward with whatever else is could be


I’d go to the doctor and get a blood test.

I did 10 pregnancy tests 1 at the hospital too and they were all negative but I missed 2 periods. Went to the midwife and told her I new I was pregnant as was having all symptoms she sent me for a scan and I was 15 weeks!!! So it’s very possible your pregnant x

I was told if I wasn’t pregnant with my son I had a hormone imbalance so it could be that

Anovulatory bleeding

I’d just wait a few more days and see what happens being worried will only make things worse
This happened to me many many times and it was nothing maybe just hormonal changes from the patch
Just wait another couple of weeks and then go to your doctor but stop being worried if you can xxx
Best wishes

I had this when I was 19. 11 negative urine tests snd 1 negative blood test. I ended up in hospital because I was vomiting non stop and they done an ultrasound. I was 8 weeks pregnant

My period was late for 45 days and no positive test… got my period and immediately after that period I was late again but this time I was pregnant !

Lots of stuff can cause it. Stress, change in weight (gained or lost), change in exercise patterns, etc. I had regular periods until college and then had to be put on birth control to jump start it. Then when I went off it several years later to try for my oldest, I had a normal period two months and then no period and negative tests for probably 4 months until I finally got pregnant with my oldest.

Feel your breast, if’s sensitive then you are

Why not contact a doctor?

Keto will mess up your period

Do not rely on Dr. fb, go see an MD.


Try asking a medical professional. Not the internet.

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Go to a doctor. This is a terrible way to diagnose yourself.


Have you been under a lot of stress? Do you have thyroid issues? You may not have ovulated when you thought. You should get your period 11-16 days after the day you ovulate with only a 1 day variance each cycle if everything is normal. I teach natural family planning and you can message me if you want

Stress amongst other things

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You can skip periods for no reason. Most women do every so many years, like the body resets itself. I was always very regular to the day, but then I would skip one every 6 to 8 years, Doctor said common once or twice a decade.

I was four weeks pregnant before I got a positive test

This happened to me and it was due to pcos…very common.I believe mine was caused by birth control.
Had 3 children. Used birth control after for only a couple of months and out comes pcos out of no where

My daughter went 3 months without one. Found out that she has PCOS

Have you had your covid jab I did hear on line that it can interfear with periods x

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It wouldn’t hurt to go get a blood test. I know someone who didn’t get a positive on a urine test, but did with a blood test with both their pregnancies. Some people’s bodies just don’t produce enough HCG to show up in their pee, or it could be a variety of other things. I’ve never had kids, but I’ve also never had a regular period. I waited a few years for it to even out, but I turned 16 and was going 3-4 months without a period, so I got on birth control. It took a while to find one that worked, but I even still get odd ymptoms through my cycle, but it’s always on the dot. Try not to stress, your cycle will tune into that and hold off if it is just running late.

I didn’t get a positive test until I was 9 weeks pregnant. Ended up having a scan as pregnancy tests and blood work showed negative

I had all my tests flag as negative till I got a blood test at around 9 weeks. She’s 15 now and thinks it’s hilarious I thought I had food poisoning :grin: