What causes a late period but negative tests?

Hi! I am 2 weeks late on my period and I took a pregnancy test and it can back negative. I have all the symptoms I did with my first child and I guess I’m just confused if it is too early or if I should wait and take another one next week. Any advice?


I KNEW i was pregnant with my 2nd kid but it said neg everyday and i was late on my period. It didnt show positive until i was 6wks pregnant :neutral_face:

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With my son I tested negative until about a week after or two weeks after home test with my daughter I did home tests and blood tests and they all came out negative and like two weeks later I got positive home tests so it’s a hit or miss

Should have just waited until u missed ur period.


Maybe get blood work? Most urine tests will pick it up a few days before - the first day of your missed period so it being 2 weeks late seems a little odd for it to not be positive. Maybe blood work will show HCG levels and whatnot


I would say blood work
And maybe a different brand for home test. 2 weeks late seems like a lot unless it’s normal for you or you started a new Medicine or even a new diet can change your Menstrual cycle

I would take a other one next week. If it doesn’t come by then, it could be stress. Maybe consult your dr if the next test is pregnant

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I never had a positive before 4-6 weeks. This is the 3rd time and I just NEW I was pregnant but the stupid test wouldn’t cooperate. Lol

If you’re late it’s not too early

Just wait and retest… Simply put you don’t need to ask Facebook!🤦🤷


I knew I was pregnant with my 2nd one but it came back negative finally the 5th one came back postive

I didn’t get a positive til i ws 6 weeks with my 2nd. I knew i was to tho.

1st washroom use in the morning is best to test is what my nurses have told me

Both pregnancy did not show positive result until I was 3months pregnant

I know a girl who didnt get a positive blood test or home test till she was almost 9 weeks. Some people dont metabolize hcg like normal. I would request a scan if a blood test comes back negative. Even then I’ve some not a show a baby till almost 20 weeks because of how the uterus is sitting. Definitely go to the doctor.

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I knew I was pregnant with my daughter and I kept getting negatives. I didn’t get a positive until I was 8weeks

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Use a test with pink lines

2 weeks late u are usually good to test but with my son i couldn’t get a positive pregnancy test till 13 weeks!! And with this pregnancy i found out at 4 weeks

Mine like that so I went to the doctor and found out I was 2 months because the home pregnancy don’t not work for my pee

Yes you need to miss a month then do it. Or let the doctor check you by blood work.

Do you chart your period? You could have just ovulated later and that’s why you think your period is late. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that somethings wrong or that you are or are not pregnant unless you know for sure you ovulated and your leutal phase (time between ovulation and your period) is actually abnormally long.

I love the cheap equate preg tests, I hate the digital ones they’re not as good to me and always messing up. I’d try one of those and if doesn’t work. Get blood work done from the doctor

You probably haven’t ovulated yes I wouldn’t freak out

I got negatives until I was 12 weeks with my 12 yr old…

U already know the answer and go to your doctor … let’s ask Facebook :joy:


Just wait a week, I had negative after negative until I was 4 months pregnant and finally got a positive haha I’m now 32 weeks along with my second boy

Obviously you’ll have to wait to take another test or go to the doctors and take a blood test.

Did you seriously need Facebook to tell you this?
How sad.

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Yeah don’t push this on social media go to the doctors with a degree

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I didn’t get a positive test until I was 5wks pregnant. I was tracking everything, had no period and negative test. Wait a little and Take another test.

Could always go to any walk in or ur doctor and have a bloid test or urin test done there.

It could be too early you could have gotten pregnant later in your cycle I would say give it another week or two test again with a good brand pregnancy test or make an appointment with your doctor and have a blood pregnancy test done in about 2 weeks and you will get your answer for sure if it’s negative then you’re more than likely not pregnant but if you want peace of mind I would ask if they could do an ultrasound but lots of other things besides pregnancy can make your cycle Late