What causes a skunk smell down below?

I’m 35 gonna be 36 weeks tomorrow… I noticed since yesterday every time I use the restroom it smells like skunk smell but not strong and my husband made fun of me saying “what you do have a skunk go up your butt” anyways I was just wondering if that was normal or is there something really wrong with me during this pregnancy …I did not have this during my first. And it’s after I pee and just had labs done and I do not have a UTI… Thanks


Drinking more water should help.

He’s a asshole :person_tipping_hand: js.

Sometimes it can be the medications youre taking also. I notice a very strange smell after taking mucinex d

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Your pH is off honey. It’s normal. Make sure to let your obgyn know on your next appointment. Personally, I found that skunk smell from high school untill about three years ago. I’m 32. I used every med under the sun. ONLY thing that saved me what switching to dove sensitive body wash and I manually clean myself out at the end of every shower. No baths. I was washing it too much and with the wrong product. Make sure you get all the soap, use dove sensitive body wash, make sure no soap is left in your vagina and keep in mind, your hormones are crazy crazy right now. Congrates Momma

Hormones can cause you to smell different down there. Wear cotton underwear

Are you drinking enough water?

Could also be something you’re eating

Ur fine probably food u r eating or something u r drinking or just the way ur body is doing this pregnancy

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I swear by summers eve wash!! I use it everyday even while not pregnant.

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I smell “amazing” 7 weeks post partum. I’m on herbal supplements because I have low milk supply and add in the hormones changing and I smell delicious. That’s life! It’s what we have to just accept and move on with to have our little tiny miracles :heart:

My urine smells like corn chips these last few weeks. I’m going on 35 weeks. Pap smears and urine tests are always normal and I bathe regularly along with feminine wash. I have just chalked it up to hormones.

Ugh… I battled that with my youngest… bacterial vaginosis (I think that’s how is spelled)

Constant antibiotics …

You need to see your ob and let her know

So they say if your urine smells funky it could be an indicator of diabetes and if it smells overly sweet you could be leaking amniotic fluid :person_tipping_hand:

never mind facebook, get to a doctor!!