What causes an increase in heart rate?

At work my heart started beating like crazy I started getting dizzy…like my heart was going to burst out of my chest and it hurt bad and my shoulders were going numb and I thought I was having a heart attack. I went in the bathroom 20 minutes after starting work and said I felt sick and called my mom and she told me to just calm down because I couldn’t catch my breath and I was crying it was so bad. It’s like I was panicking more because I was panicking. I’ve had anxiety attacks before but never ever like that. I’ve never been so scared. Has anyone experienced this during pregnancy? I’m 17 weeks. I literally thought I was going to die. It was terrifying


I have panic disorder and mild health anxiety, I’ve always had panic attacks and I’m 15 weeks FTM and pregnancy has heightened them. Sometimes pregnancy heightens anxiety or sometimes it takes it away for some mamas, everyone’s different! Mention it to your OB, mine gave me a referral to a mental health doctor just to be able to talk and figure out ways to help. Find ways to cope! Exhaust every option before medication (just my opinion), my doctor gave me the okay for Zoloft but I want to manage on my own because I have for 8 years. Drink a cold drink, and do breathing exercises! In for 5 hold for 5 out for 5, have someone do them with you. It makes ALL the difference, my husband does them with me and knows my signs of a panic attack. Go for a walk, call someone you trust! Remind yourself that what you are feeling is JUST anxiety, that nothing is wrong. Keep repeating it to yourself in your mind. When it’s all over you’ll be relieved and the next time you have that feeling you can say… okay, I’ve felt this before I know what to do. Good luck mama!

Did you get looked at?

Your heart rate is faster during pregnancy from increased blood flow. Having anxiety i know im more aware of things like that. Its most likely normal! Id get checked out just incase. I had a bad bout of tachycardia (increased HR) that i was hospitalized for in the ICU for the night. After tests to rule out a PE, they chalked it up to dehydration and anxiety. Drink some water and get checked out to ease your mind.

I had been feeling bad lately (not preggers) but my chest & arm hurt, heart beating fast, couldnt breathe, & had my oldest daughter drive me to the ER. Come to find out I had pneumonia! Never had one cough, & never would have thought pneumonia! So maybe go have a chest xray done. & dont toss out the idea of heart issues, even young people can have heart problem.
Also make sure to watch your blood pressure, its a possibility you could be having the onset of pre-eclampsia, a major pregnancy issue.

Maybe u should get checked for a heart attack… They can happen at any age.

I’ve had panic attacks like that even when not pregnant to the point where I get paralyzed as well. Scary stuff. Feel better

I drink Ice cold water, and talk silently to myself and talk myself out of panic attacks. I would wake up having them. Found out I have sleep apnea and quit breathing 20 times an hour. Since I have a CPAP machine I no longer have the attacks. Ask your Doctor to have a sleep study done.

yeah I have in this pregnancy it feels like a heart attack but you know it isn’t but it is just that bad also I grew out of my asthma but with my pregnancy it came back so I get asthma attacks now

I used to have panic attacks that were usually uncoltrollable crying , hyperventilating , severe shakes and trembles etc. During my pregnancy ive been under a lot more stress and starting having somatizations of my panic attacks. I’ll get the same thing. Dizzy , seeing spots , nausea , headaches , feeling like I’m about to pass out , numbness. My doctor said its panic attacks which makes sense for me and since no doctors could pinpoint a reason for these episodes over the course of a couple months. Id definitely still talk to your doctor to rule out anything that could threaten you or the babys health. Good luck mama :purple_heart:

Definitely panick attack talk to your doctor if it continues to get worse they may recommend something if not try cbd oil I suffer from panick attacks and it works wanders for me talk to your doctor first though prayers

I only had them while pregnant

OP Update

so my doctor said I am able to take my prescription for klonopin as needed (just not every day) but I haven’t since I’ve known I was pregnant. My heart/chest STILL feel weird… it’s been 6+ hours but my chest and heart just feel weird. Idk if it’s because I’m paying attention to it and that’s why. Kinda feels as if I’m really congested… Is it okay to take one? I need immediate relief I can’t stand feeling this way… and can’t get to the doctors today…

Could be atrial fibrillation.