What causes back pain in pregnancy?

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and having back pain from 3 days. Is it normal? I’m also having anterior placenta segment middle. Will it be safe to have normal delivery? I also have cord around the neck of the baby and I’m underweight too.


Unless the cord unwraps itself from around baby’s neck you should plan on a C-section. You can try normal delivery but again it might end up as a C-section.

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I had horrid backpain the entire 3rd trimester of my pregnancy with my daughter. Just talk to your OB and see what they say about it

Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on and should be taking all questions to your doctor.


I had awful back pain throughout my entire pregnancy and through labor. He was sunny side up (face up) and they usually have a rough time coming out. I was in labor for 24 hours pushed for 2 then had a c section

Usually if the cord is still around the neck when labor comes you’re more than likely have a C-section

I had horrible back pain from my 3rd trimester till 2 weeks after delivery

These are the kinds of questions that a doctor could answer.

I’ve had contractions since week 32… the anterior placenta isn’t necessarily an issue and its not uncommon for the cord to wrap around a baby in the womb, but these are definitely questions for your OB because there are circumstances with these conditions that could require medical intervention… or they could be nothing to worry about.

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A vaginal delivery is something you should ask your dr about not fb but about the back pain seems normal to me you tend to have more back pain toward the end cuz baby is getting bigger and you have a lot more weight it the front of you.