What causes back pain in toddlers?

Has anyone else’s 2 year old complained of back pain? A couple times a week? And I don’t mean bad pain. He just casually says my back hurts. Any ideas? My doctor is away


Do you ever say your back hurts? I know my younger ones mimic what I say. Growing? Did they sleep wrong? Fever? Do they walk funny? Etc…

Dehydration or attention

My kids say it because i do silly kids


My step daughter says it bc she wants you to rub her back. She’s 4

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A 3 yr old I watch, just said it yesterday

My girl does but thats because I have a bad back and I’m complaining a lot about it lol. Do you or someone you know complain of a bad back cause it could be mimicking. Or growing pains although never heard of back pain from a growth spurt.

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Any problems with urination? Still in diapers? Kidney infections will cause back pain.

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Yeah and I thought my kid was dying how much she said it. No, no death or anything of the kind here. She just hears us say it :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::sob::joy:


My son says this. But, it’s because he hears me say it and is imitating me.

My little ones use to say that and bend over and act like they could barely walk because he see his grandfather do it


Yes my almost 3 year old says it

Is he hearing an adult say this? Sometimes they just mimic random things

My son’s back hurts everytime I ask him to pick up his toys.


A lot of times its growing or mimicking adults. Think about how quickly toddlers grow, growing pains are a real thing. As long as he isnt crying or carrying on about it I would guess he is just fine. Mom of 4 boys here and they can be funny my 7 years legs hurt whenever it’s time to clean his room or go upstairs to bed.

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My daughter had back pains that were growing pains

How are his kidneys working?

Ask him to show you where his back hurts. It could be his kidneys.

Mine says it bc I say it

Has she heard you complain about that?

Most likely mimicking what they see and hear…I have a bulging disc in my neck and lower back and when I would stand up from sitting for awhile I’d be really stiff and sore and I’d so oh ow and my 2 1/2 year old daughter would do it too :joy:

Do you complain about your back?

A urinary tract infection can make a small child back hurt my daughter will get them and she’ll say her back hurts