What causes back spasms?

Hi all ! I am currently 10 weeks 5ish days pregnant. The other day after a bought of morning sickness , I lied down to rest for about a half an hour , after getting up I found it hard to turn my head to the right without excruciating pain in my right shoulder. (It’s happened before , usually lasts a few days and is fine ) .

Today while at work , I started experiencing (what I would call ) back spasms in my lower left side (right above my bum) it doesn’t feel like it’s internal , just muscular., I will be seeing my doctor in the coming weeks , I’m just really looking for ways to relieve the pain. Have any of you mamas had this happen ? What did you do to help with the sudden spasms ?


Hoping you’ll find some answers! I had the back pain/spasms where I couldn’t move certain ways all the way through. Just where he was sitting :disappointed: my doctor told me there’s nothing they can really do

Talk to your not facebook… We are not doctors.

Chiropractor for sure!!!

Massages! Just 30 mins at a time might help. I had them late in pregnancy and a terrible kink in my neck that stayed for 2 weeks until I got a massage and it was gone that day! It helped soooo much

Massage, bengay hot baths eat bananas

Nope but I deal with horrible nausea and puke everyday I try to work unless I have zofran and they only allowed me 5 and I’m down to two and I have 2 fights coming up this week :sweat::sweat::sweat: I’m 11w 5d