What causes bleeding after sex?

I’m a little over 7 weeks pregnant with multiples last night my fiancé and I had sex and I started bleeding I just had a miscarriage a couple months ago so instantly panicked, this morning when I got up I was not bleeding nor did I bleed at all last night. My question is could it be because we had sex? Side note I’ve already called the doctor waiting for him to call me back I’m just looking to see if it happened to anyone else and the baby be fine? I’ve been a nervous wreck waiting for him to return my call.


Totally from just having sex, but in the end it never hurts to ask your doctor.

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Probably from having sex. That’s what happened to us and I freaked out. I went to the dr and everything was fine. Go checked out so you have a sense of relief :slight_smile:

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I was told some spotting after sex was normal.

It’s super common to bleed after while pregnant, I’d definitely get checked if you’re worried at all.

Yes i had it too couple of weeks ago

It’s from having sex. Happened to me before.

I had the same thing happen when I was first pregnant with our first. I panicked, but the dr said it’s common because of all the extra blood flow down there

Definitely from having sex. Happened to me too. I freaked & went to the ER. :joy:

I always bled at 7 weeks and dr said it because the uterus was attaching or something to that sort.

Happened to me. My doctor told me it was normal

Early on in both pregnancies I had this happen. The first time it was because I had a hemorrhage and once it was found I couldn’t have sex until it closed and I was almost in the 2nd trimester before being “cleared”. However, it is normal a majority of the time. I always double check with my doctor.

Early on in both pregnancies I had this happen. The first time it was because I had a hemorrhage and once it was found I couldn’t have sex until it closed and I was almost in the 2nd trimester before being “cleared”. However, it is normal a majority of the time. I always double check with my doctor.

How can you tell at 7 weeks you’re pregnant with multiples? Not being a smart ass, I’m literally curious bc I’ve never heard that before.

I had it everytime my husband and I had sex. Baby was perfectly finr

If ur a negitove blood type call ur doc u meed a shot

I had sex with all 3my baby’s and nothing happend … maybe something else happened

NO ONE HERE CAN SAY 100% IF ITS FROM SEX! Wait until you hear from your doctor. 7wks is still early and with a previous m/c you should always be careful. Wait to hear back from you doctor and go from there.


You could just have a sensitive cervix. I do, that’s how I found out I was pregnant with my now 1yr old. We were on a cruise and I had bleeding after everytime we had sex… tested when we came back home

I bled in early pregnancy because of the hormone changes according to my OB

Wait to have sex until you get checked out

Congrats on your babies! Try not to panic. It’s easy to think the worst when you’ve had a previous miscarriage. It could be from sex or just random spotting which sometimes happens while pregnant. Your doctor will let you know if they feel you need to be seen.

Could definitely be from sex if your super worried call your doctor if it’s spotting or darker red that’s normal after sex due to  irritation I was told

In your situation NEVER wait for a doctor to call you back. While your instincts were correct in your reaching out for medical care, in the future if you are unable to speak to your Dr immediately go to the emergency room. Time is of the essence in this type of situation. BTW your doctor, without examining you, can not accurately determine the cause of the bleeding. So even if he/she did return your call immediately you would need to be examined (unless you have socialized medicine where in that case you are SOL).


Could be from having sex but best to get checked out x Hope all is fine with you and your beautiful babies x

If it was only brought on by sex then you either irritated your cervix, got a tear in your lining(usually heals and re-attaches itself), or during sex your man hit one of your veins inside. Your veins inside get bigger from the extra bloodflow to your baby and if you hit one it can burst leading you to believe it’s a miscarriage bc of the blood. Sex is safe as long as you don’t have any fetus attachment issues, an incompetent cervix, or placenta previa(low lying placenta near or touching the cervix). Another reason could be possible bleeding from being close to around when your period would normally come and you just happened to be having sex when it happened. I’ve actually experienced all of these that I mentioned except for an incompetent cervix but have family that did. Always good to get checked out to make sure so you know what may be the cause for sure. You not bleeding much is usually a good sign you’re okay.

Spotting is normal to happen after sex not a period flow through

I had this happen Every time I had sex while pregnant.

Go get checked at the doctor’s office

same thing happened to me ,it was because i had a low placenta which it is dangerous to have sex and is not recommended when you have a low placenta.

This happened with 2 of my pregnancies! I freaked out the first time because it was kind of a lot of blood. Went in and everything was fine! First is now 1 year old and second time it happened I was only 5/6 weeks along and I’m now 11-12

I bled in the beginning from sex

Bleeding is very commen in the bagining of pregnancy especially after sex

Yes it happen to me to and my son is fine

I bled with my twins my whole pregnancy. Not just spotting but tons. It can happen.

Yea it’s normal to have a light bleed definitely if you’re having twins and the beginning part of pregnancy

Hi, I had multiples they are now 10 weeks, during my first trimester I had alot of spotting, it was worse after sex. However I still had it checked just in case. Good luck mama

I was put on pelvic rest when this happened to me. The rest of my second pregnancy was rough…I couldn’t vacuum or pick up my 2 yo without spotting

It’s normal for a SMALL amount of blood after sex. I’m sure you’re fine honey. Congrats on the babies!

It happened to me with my first child as well scared the heck out of me so I called my Dr and they had me go in and get checked and the dr said it was because that when you are pregnant that your capillaries swell with blood and when you have sex and the friction can make them pop and you will bleed but yes please check with your Dr and be looked at to make sure everything is ok …

Def from just having sex but if it will calm your mind to get checked go right ahead! I spotted almost every time me and my SO had sex when i was pregnant. Especially when it was tougher sex.

Okay so in a pregnancy with just one baby irritation of the cervix can happen during sexual intercourse so that can cause bleeding or spotting however with multiple babies I don’t even think you’re supposed to be having sexual intercourse because pregnancies with multiples are usually high risk because you are at a high risk for complications. More than likely I think you’re supposed to be taking it easy on bed rest trying to eat healthy not overdue on lifting heavy things drinking lots of water Etc but if you have a lying low placenta or placenta previa you’re really not supposed to be having sexual intercourse because that could cause hemorrhaging you’re really not supposed to be inserting anything into your vagina out during the remainder of the pregnancy. I would definitely encourage you to get checked out by your doctor and talk more detailed about what things you can and can’t do and the things that you’re at risk for being pregnant with multiples. One of the things that you’re at risk for is preterm labor. Please get checked out and have a detailed conversation with your doctor

Yes it happen to me baby was fine my doctor told me no sex for 4 weeks.

They’ll probably put you on pelvic rest