What causes bleeding between periods?

Is it normal to only have a period for a day, or two during each cycle? Could it indicate anything I should be concerned about? It’s only been happening for the last six months or so…


Everybody is different, but sudden changes like that may be worth getting checked out. Personally, I’ve never heard of that. Are you in pain at all? I would call your family doctor or OB/GYN.

Definitely get an appointment. Could be anything really. I had it happen once to me, turns out I have a slightly underactive thyroid. That was the only “symptom” I had.

Lots of things could cause that a lot not so great most easy would be its a hormone change but then u gotta ask why would that happen hence the doctor

I bleed during ovulation, which is actually a normal thing apparently. It’s annoying but since I want another kid like I want a hole in the head it’s a good indicator to tell my husband to keep his hands to himself.


Doctor would have that answer

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Call your doctor office about that

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Yes I would definitely get an appointment I had the problem that my period quit for a whole year and when I went and had my yearly check up it was the doctor said probably because my hormones were high I was supposed to go to another doctor but I never did and the past year I’ve only had one and that was in December but it was bad so I guess my hormones are still messed up so it could be something so I would get it checked out

My friend, and her daughters and I have all been getting our periods sooner than a month sometimes since the pandemic began. Google covid and your period. Could be from the stress of living through a pandemic.

Thats what happened to me when i stoped i was only 33 but havent had one in 36 years now