What causes bleeding gums?

Is your gums supposed to bleed extremely bad when pregnant ? I just brushed my teeth & the whole bottom was bleeding. Idk if this is normal or not.


Yea its normal mine did the same thing

It’s called pregnancy gingivitis . I had it and a week later after I had my son it went away. Use sensodyne toothpaste it helps!


Yes it is normal. Try using sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash.

My dentist hygenest told me it’s normal if you don’t floss everyday. Which I do so mine don’t bleed

Mine do. It’s because hormones are causing “everything” to swell… including your gums. I’ve noticed when I use my mouth wash right after though that tends to help them stop bleeding. Also, make sure you have a soft bristle toothbrush… that helps them to not bleed as badly. My dentist said it is pretty common on his pregnant clients.

… and flossing daily doesn’t help for me.

it happened to me too. looked like a murder scene in my sink

Normal. My gums started receding pretty bad when I got pregnant the first time.

It’s completely normal!

Floss every day, brush twice a day, see the dentist at least one during your pregnancy

Normal. Dentist said the same.

Always get it looked at but it was my normal