What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

I bleed the whole 9month with my first child

My sis had a bleeding disorder which caused her to bleed into her 2nd trimester. Its a pretty rare condition. Wouldn’t hurt to ask…

When I was loosing my twins. It took a weeks for the bleeding and for them to pass. I wasn’t able to get an abortion. As days went on on got more pregnancy symptoms like boobs hurting etc. if it’s getting worse they may need and ultrasound to see if it’s viable. You can remain pregnant and have symptoms until they actually pass. So sorry you’re going through this.

I have been pregnant 6 times.I have 3 children.
All the pregnancies i bled in,i miscarried but they were missed miscarraiges.So just bleeding but baby kept on growing until heart stopped.Some happend at 9 weeks others were 12 and 13 weeks. It wasn’t until 2 weeks after the heart stopped that i started to miscarry

This can be a sign that the placenta is located over the mouth of the womb and can cause premature birth with heavy bleeding, often resulting in death of fetus and/or mother.